How reviews help wedding photographers generate bookings

Samantha Jayne Photography has been announced as Bridebook’s Wedding Photographer of the Year.


Her natural, relaxed, storytelling style captured the interest of so many engaged couples last year and it’s clear to see how happy her newlywed clients are with their photographs thanks to the reviews left for Sam on her website and on her Bridebook profile.

Reviews may have gotten Sam noticed and helped her win this prestigious award but we wanted to know in her own words just how powerful Sam feel reviews really are in helping Samantha Jayne Photography grow as a business.

Why reviews matter with Bridebook's Photographer of the Year Samantha Jayne Photography


We asked Sam, what are the top 3 benefits to having reviews in your personal experience?

In today’s digital world the online presence of reviews is HUGELY important!

As much as you can promote the value of your own business, nothing is more credible than a glowing review from a client.

Benefit 1 – reviews give potential clients an insight into the services and the experience you provide. Little things that matter to clients can stand out in these reviews.

For example, this is one of my favourite reviews from a bridesmaid last year:

“Sam is bloody fantastic. She was there for the bride, Katie Fox, from disgustingly early o’clock to get some pre-glam shots. She was helping wherever she could when asked but also doing a dozen things that she had anticipated would help before being asked. She had obviously spoken to not only the bride and groom but family in advance to arrange surprise staged shots that would make the bride blart even harder (sorry Katie face!)

“She was on table tops, on the floor, on counters in every corner and crevice to get the perfect shot. At one point we joked about her getting upon the beams in the barn and she was genuinely looking for a way to gain access to the rafters for a good aerial shot of the dance floor. She puts kids at ease and rounds them up without missing a step.

“When asked how long she was staying she said as long as the party is on she would be there. The woman refuelled with a fruit shoot ffs. Her photos are stunning, they completely capture the personality of the couple and their day from barely sun up to the last glass of fizz is put down.”

This bridesmaid has since been recommending me to everyone she knows.

Reviews in the wedding industry with Samantha Jayne Photography

Benefit 2 – online reviews can also benefit your business by shedding light on your brand’s personality. How you respond to a review (whether it’s positive or negative) has just as much impact.

Reviews build trust….would you rather hire someone who has a lot of happy customers or someone without? I know which I’d prefer.

Benefit 3 – online reviews will also improve your Google ranking! Google pulls data from external online review sites for it’s search quality. The more positive reviews you have on these sites the higher your rankings will be in organic search results.

Wow. So reviews are pretty darn important then! In your experience Sam, do couples make an enquiry before or after they’ve read reviews about your service?

In my opinion most couples make an enquiry after they’ve looked through my work and read through reviews. As stated above it gives them a level of trust in me and an insight to the kind of person I am. Then I meet up with them to discuss their day, answer any other questions they may have and put them fully at ease.

Wedding reviews and how to gather them with award winning photographer Samantha Jayne Photography


That’s certainly given us food for thought with regards to just how impactful reviews and recommendations can be for wedding photographers.

Do you have any comments to add about your experience of the power of reviews as a UK wedding photographer?

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