How to deliver personalised weddings in an impersonal online world

Here are a few easy ways in which wedding suppliers can offer couples a detailed and personalised experience online with very little effort required!

How to deliver personalised weddings in an impersonal online world

The internet opens minds; that’s undoubtedly true. It provides answers to questions we’d once ponder but perhaps never resolve. It provides inspiration for pretty much everything we do – or could do. And it encourages many of us to share our own stories, dreams and desires with the world.

Indeed, this applies to all people in all industries but we’re struggling to think of a dreamier one than the wedding industry. In a time when heads are firmly in the clouds and couples are on an engagement high, envisioning their big day and all the little details that will make it personal to them, where will they turn in an attempt to make their dream a reality?

They’ll head online, of course.


Wait…where are you?


As wedding suppliers, you need to be where your brides and grooms are and you need to be available ‘in theory’ as their ‘personal consultant’ whenever they need you.

Modern couples are conditioned to expect fast responses and unlimited access to whatever important information they need, as and when they need it.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you have the time (or inclination) to be at the beck and call of all potential clients and their wedding whims but there are a few easy ways in which you can offer couples a detailed and personalised experience online whilst you’re busy doing other things.


1.Ensure online information about your wedding services is current and comprehensive

Make sure that your website and all other online listings (that includes your Bridebook profile and social networks) are up-to-date and clearly communicate all the essential information couples will want to see, such as galleries, reviews, contact details and pricing.

How to deliver personalised weddings in an impersonal online world


2. Add a little personality to your online portfolio

Don’t be afraid to advertise your wedding business in a tone of voice and style that reflects who you are and what you’re about.

Personality and a unique take on age-old wedding traditions will guarantee that you stand out against other wedding suppliers who play it safe and ‘stick to what they know’. Stay abreast of the latest online wedding trends and add your own, expert flair.


3. Listen to the needs of modern day couples 

Weddings in 2017 and beyond are all about personalised experiences which are subject to wedding suppliers *listening *to the needs and preferences of the couples they work with.Brides and grooms are expressing themselves online throughout their wedding journey; from the planning stage to their actual wedding day and afterwards too.

It all begins with couples announcing their engagement on social media. Digital save the date invitations are probably next – perhaps linked to a personalised wedding website where guests can informally RSVP prior to the official invitations.

Did you know, an estimated 64% of brides are now opting to use paperless invitations for at least some part of their wedding journey?

How to deliver personalised weddings in an impersonal online world


If you’re a wedding stationery supplier, it’s vital that you listen to these industry changes and adapt your offering. Showcase your products elegantly and stylishly online (because printed wedding stationery will likely never go completely out of fashion) and if possible, develop your offering to include digital invitations, ‘evites’ and save the date cards to avoid isolating the ‘pro paperless’ segment of the Millennial wedding market. For inspiration, Paperless Post specialise in beautiful online invitations.


4. Join the #wedding conversation

We’re seeing more couples than ever before embracing personalised wedding hashtags as an accompaniment to their big day, so that guests can upload their shots to Twitter and Instagram for the entire wedding party to enjoy.

Hashtags are a great way of organising wedding snaps and of documenting real-time footage of a couple’s wedding day.

All wedding suppliers – but particularly wedding venues – should look at creating their own #wedding hashtag and you should encourage couples to use it when they’re sharing content online. This acts as free advertising and brand promotion for your wedding business, and the most impactful form of promotion for any business is that which uses raw emotion to convey a message.

Couples captured enjoying the best day of their lives at your wedding venue, eating your wedding cake or wearing a wedding dress from your collection is one of the best ways possible for you to advertise your product or services online.

How to deliver personalised weddings in an impersonal online world


Be sure to engage with online comments from your clients so that third party viewers can see that you’re emotionally invested in the couples you work with, and to show that you personally care about making their wedding day completely perfect.

Get personal with your couples and the online wedding world will notice

Couples in 2017 / 2018 are fully embracing the digital age and as wedding suppliers of today and tomorrow, we need to take note.

Listen to industry changes and the couples you work with, and don’t forget that you have a voice too. Talk about your experiences online, share good feedback and join in with the conversation!

Your couples dreams are just dreams before they meet you. Help them make their ideas a reality and challenge yourself to try new things and offer something different.

Because it’s time to get personal.



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