Dog friendly weddings and the marketing opportunities they present


They’ve always been man’s best friend but the integration of dogs in everyday (human) life is ever increasing, and we’re seeing cuddly canines pop up everywhere; online, in marketing and in advertising campaigns for all kinds of organisations and across all kinds of industries.

And the wedding industry is no exception.

Our furry favourites now have their own Instagram accounts


And they’re being used to market all types of products and occasions quite simply because they’re pretty darn irresistible and are more likely to attract people’s attention.


Check out all of those #dog inspired hashtags used by Blenheim Palace!

And who could ignore the latest addition to the Hedsor House family?! Almost 800 people couldn’t


More and more couples are including their pets in their weddings and it’s time for you, as a forward-thinking, business savvy wedding supplier, to take advantage of the opportunity this presents in helping you market your business.


Why embracing our canine friends in the wedding industry is beneficial to business

Dogs make you look. And look again. They grab our attention and they make us feel. Emotions and memories stay with people; they’ll remember your wedding venue or service in association with that oh so gorgeous picture of a pretty pooch.

It’s no surprise that many couples opt to include their pets in their weddings. I mean, is there anything more adorable than a ring-bearing dog?


Wedding venues – allow dogs at your venue

We’re a nation of dog lovers so try not to isolate the couples who’re set on including their dog in their wedding day,

If you’re concerned about ‘dogs on the loose’ potentially damaging your wedding venue why not insist that couples use a dog sitter? You could even partner up with one so that they’re on hand for you to recommend to couples.

Tip – a good selling point when asking couples to use a dog sitter is to explain that the sitter is primarily there to make sure that the dog has enough time to develop a level of comfort around guests, and that the sitter is there to act as your pet’s guide.

A dog sitter is responsible for bringing the pet to the ceremony, taking him home after and watching him during the reception so you’ve really very little to worry about.


Hockering House welcome dogs at their ceremonies – who doesn’t love a dog walking down the aisle:

Dog friendly Wedding Venue Hockering House Norfolk


Photographers – be sure to ask couples to let you know in advance if they’ve any special additions you should be aware of, such as dogs at the wedding.

As a photographer, you’ll want to be prepared to capture pets in action so ask couples in advance whether they’re doing anything special on their big day – like inviting pets along. It also means that you can brainstorm fun photo ideas for your clients and their beloved dogs.


The next generation of weddings will include our furry favourites as guests

Pets play such an important role in a couple’s life and for many ‘pet parents’, family festivities such as weddings would not be complete without their involvement.

As a result, it’s becoming more common for couples to include their furry companions in their wedding day. So as wedding suppliers, you should consider how to cater for pups at your wedding venue or incorporate them in your business plans to ensure your wedding services appeal to a wider audience of dog loving couples.

What do you think about the idea of dogs at weddings? Total pawfect or a no go?