8 Important Tips For Booking Your Wedding Music

Last updated: 27th Feb 2024

Choosing a DJ or musician for your big day is mega important to ensuring you and your guests have an unforgettable time. Whether you have a solo cocktail singer or a 10-piece jazz band, these are our top tips to remember.

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Look into what you can afford in your budget and what sort of music you want as a couple. Before you set your heart on your favourite local band to play at your wedding, research into all other options before pinning your hopes on one idea. Always have a plan B too, incase the vendor you ask is not available. It is also crucial to clarify if the DJ or musicians hold public liability insurance and all of their electrical equipment is certified – if not, this could cause big problems on the day, and most venues ask for music vendors to confirm this before they are allowed to play.


Consider Your Venue


A solo singer may get lost in a huge venue, but if you’re having an intimate drinks reception outdoors then a single musician would suit this. Think about the size of your venue, how much room you can afford to reserve for musicians, and how many guests there will be listening at one time.


Hear Them In Person Beforehand


Before booking anyone, be sure to meet them and hear them play in person. This will help you determine whether they are the right fit for your special day. Ask them for any upcoming gig dates or wedding exhibitions they may be playing at and make the effort to go and see them. You can also chat to them about your expectations and requirements for your special day to make sure they are a good match.


Always Soundcheck


It’s super important to ask your musicians to get to the venue early to set up and have a full soundcheck before any of your guests arrive. Your attendees will hate standing around listening to instruments being tuned, so make sure your musicians are ready well in advance of any arrivals. Ensure there is plenty of power supply too, so there’s no sudden power cut halfway through your first dance!


Playlist Do’s and Dont’s


Ask your music vendor for a full list of their repertoire and with your partner choose which songs you want to cut. This is to avoid cringey moments when a song is played that reminds you of your ex! Also make a note of your favourite songs from the list so your musician or DJ knows your ‘must-play’ requests. If your special song is not included in their repertoire, see if your musicians can learn it especially for you!


Consider Your Guests


You and your husband-to-be may love rocking out to heavy anthems, but remember to compromise. If there are a lot of older relatives at your wedding, throwing in a few 60’s numbers will make their night – and it could be a lot of fun for all involved! Also ask to keep the song choices censored for any young guests that will be attending.


Think Carefully About Your First Dance Song


A first dance can be awkward, especially if you’re not that great on your feet, so don’t choose a super long track. It is, of course, your special moment – however four minutes of swaying back and forth can be tiresome for your guests after they have initially smiled and taken a photo. Choose a song that is special, but will also get everyone involved by the end so all of your guests can enjoy it as much as the two of you.


Noise Levels


Check with your venue about any noise limitations and the time when loud music has to cease. Relay this back to your musicians or DJ so they know how much time they have, and can fit in all the requests and encores thrown at them! Have a think where the speakers are too, so you don’t place someone with sensitive hearing in the loudest part of the room.

Happy Planning! 



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