The Whats, Wheres and Hows of Celebrant Ceremonies

The ‘I do’s’. For many (we hope), the most important part of the day. That moment where you can tell your nearest and dearest why you love the person standing beside you. And yet, looking back, it seems that that moment was actually rather drab and samey. Cold churches, long ceremonies, a lack of individuality and personality.
Luckily for you, that has all changed. Here at Bridebook, we support individuality and having a wedding day the way you want it. That includes your ceremony. Introducing Jeanenne Powell, celebrant and wedding enthusiast from Inner World Outer Life. Today, Jeannene will be telling us a little more about how to create the ceremony you have always imagined.
So whether you want a ceremony in a field with bubbles, on a boat with a goat, or you want to stick to tradition and say ‘I do’ in the presence of our lord – we are here to support that decision.
Jeannene over to you…


With the modern-day softening of tradition around parents paying for a wedding seeing more spouses-to-be saving for the big day themselves, couples both young and old, first-timers and third timers are starting to take ownership of their wedding day. Drawing inspiration from wedding reality shows and social inspiration, they’re not only deciding the finest details for their reception but the actual ceremony too.

Although celebrant wedding ceremonies aren’t legally recognised in England, Wales and Ireland (but are in Scotland), there are easy to arrange provisions for the legal paperwork to be done at a registry office.  This leaves you the freedom and flexibility to personalise what, where and how you celebrate your love, express your commitment and share your joy with those who matter most.

The Whats

Traditions and twists:  If you want a traditional affair, that’s great. But if you want to make it your own, add a twist to it like your mum or both parents accompanying you down the aisle, or partners walking in together then a celebrant can help you achieve this. Vows too do not have to be reserved for the wedding pair, so have guests expressing their support as well. Couples are stamping their mark on old favourites and celebrants allow you the freedom to do this.

Mixing customs and cultures: Draw on your heritages to include wedding customs from various countries and cultures. Even with simple personal family traditions honouring your roots can make the ceremony a unique affair.

Spiritual or religious, a mixture or neither: If, like a vast majority of couples, you have different ways of finding meaning in life, there are ways to include both philosophies and spiritual outlooks on the day so neither are left out.

The wheres

Licensed and unlicensed locations: Any place is a possibility. Imagine exchanging rings whilst on a beach, in a woodland clearing, sailing down the river or standing under the stars. These and more all provide enchanting and stunning backdrops to your key wedding moment.

Wedding breaks: Instead of a wedding followed by a honeymoon, some couples are venturing away with friends and family for the weekend. Whether glamping, hiring a manor house or attending a festival together, these and more can all make the celebrant ceremony the highlight of a joyful, memorable and fun time shared by all. 

Journeying abroad: Destination weddings are still as fashionable as ever, however, the related paperwork can be time-consuming and complex. Having the brief legalities done here, can make the overall organising far simpler. With your celebrant travelling to meet you and your guests at your destination, you can ease into having the full-blown celebration once arrived.

The hows

Have it your way: Whatever you decide to include, the ceremony can be tailored in a way to suit your style, personalities and tastes. Whether a small and intimate gathering or a large and luxurious event, a beautiful and elegant affair or unconventional and quirky occasion, what matters is that it holds significance for you both. Plus, unlike legal weddings, it can be a completely private affair.

Meet first: As with all your wedding suppliers, you get to choose who’s involved in making your ceremony special. Meeting with your potential celebrant before deciding will allow you to learn about their training, background and experience, so you’ll know if you really connect with them. This way you can feel confident they’re the right one to help design and deliver a ceremony that’s truly perfect, and unique, for the two of you.

So there you have some of the whats, wheres and hows. Having a celebrant ceremony is a really personalised thing. Not just the ceremony itself, but the whole experience of working with a professional celebrant over time, them getting to know the things which matter to you most and, on the day, having a friendly and familiar face welcome and guide you both successfully through all your nerves, anticipation and excitement.

Next time someone tells you “your day is about you”, just remember that goes for the ceremony too!

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Interested in learning more about celebrant ceremonies? For further tips and to discuss your wedding contact Jeannene at Inner World Outer Life.