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The Bridebook.co.uk Wedding Awards 2019


Working in the wedding industry is hard. Early mornings, even later nights. Swollen feet, increasing competition and ever-changing social media expectations. So why do we do it? We do it to create. We create moments, pieces of art, experiences, memories. We create MAGIC!

The Bridebook Wedding Awards are a chance for us celebrate and honour incredible wedding industry professionals across the UK. Those who work tirelessly to build their businesses and go above and beyond to bring magic to couple’s wedding days.

Certificates of Excellence will be awarded according to the number of positive reviews for each supplier, and the Winners will be judged and awarded based on the following criteria:

  • The satisfaction of their clients
  • The quality of their product and experience
  • Their ‘above-and-beyond’ attitude for their clients

    Read on for more details!


    When are the Awards running?

    The Bridebook Wedding Awards are free to enter and run from the 1st November to the 14th December.  All UK wedding venues and suppliers are able to enter and are given the chance to win a prestigious Certificate of Excellence and to be crowned the 2019 Winner in their respective category.

    The 2019 Certificate holders and the overall Winners will be announced on January 10th, 2019.


    How can I enter the Awards?

    All registered Bridebook suppliers are eligible to be awarded. To enter you simply need to start collecting reviews and testimonials on your Bridebook profile from your 2018 weddings. Reviews and testimonials can be submitted from couples, guests, parents, and suppliers. All reviews will be verified and accepted if legitimate.


    What if I don’t have a Bridebook Profile, can I still enter?

    The Bridebook Wedding Awards are for businesses and individuals listed on Bridebook only. But don’t worry, if you’re not currently registered with Bridebook we can fix that! It’s free and easy to create a Bridebook Business account and profile. Just head here, click sign up and you’re on your way. Once your account is up and running you can start gathering reviews!


    How do I collect reviews?

    Need a little guidance to get things started? Here are our suggestions for the best way to gather reviews.

    Firstly, reflect on 2018 and think about who you really connected with. Then download your shareable assets here and copy and paste your Bridebook profile link ready for sharing.

    The 5 best places to share your profile link and assets:

    • Send them in a direct email – a quick bcc to your couple and supplier contact list should have a dramatic impact on your review numbers.
    • Add it to your email signature – let your day to day emails do the work for you.
    • Post it on your website – make the most of your daily traffic.
    • Share it via your social channels – you have spent time building your following, now utilise it.
    • Ask your fellow suppliers – this year Bridebook is accepting supplier to supplier reviews. Ask your trusted supplier network to share some love (and do the same for them).

    For your reviews to count they must be made directly to Bridebook profile so don’t forget to share your link!


    Which reviews count?

    All reviews and testimonials submitted by the couple, their family & friends and suppliers from a 2018 wedding up to December 14th.

    All reviews submitted will be verified and posted within 24 hours.

    How are the Bridebook Certificates of Excellence awarded?

    The Certificates of Excellence are designed to recognise and celebrate suppliers who have contributed to the wedding industry with exemplary service, regardless of their size or the number of weddings they complete in a year.

    • Silver Bridebook Certificate of Excellence = At least 5 5-star reviews or testimonials from 2018 weddings.
    • Gold Bridebook Certificate of Excellence = At least 15 5-star reviews or testimonials from 2018 weddings.
    • Platinum Certificate of Excellence  = At least 30 5-star reviews and testimonials from 2018 weddings.


    How are the supplier category winners chosen?

    Each supplier category will have one 2019 Winner. (The only exception to this will be for venues, where each UK region will have one winner.)

    Judging Process:

  • All suppliers who have qualified for a Gold or Platinum Certificate will then automatically go through to the judging round.
  • Bridebook experts will choose the 2019 Winners in each supplier category based on the following criteria:
  • The satisfaction of their clients
  • The quality of their product and experience
  • Their ‘above-and-beyond’ attitude for their clients
  • Certificates of Excellence and Trophies will be awarded.

    What are the Award Categories?

    The Award Categories are:

  • UK Wedding Venue of the Year
  • North East Venue of the Year
  • North West Venue of the Year
  • East Midlands Venue of the Year
  • West Midlands Venue of the Year
  • South East Venue of the Year
  • South West Venue of the Year
  • Wales Venue of the Year
  • Scotland Venue of the Year
  • Northern Ireland Venue of the Year
  • Barn Venue of the Year
  • Manor/Country House Venue of the Year
  • Stately Home Venue of the Year
  • Castle of the Year
  • Hotel of the Year
  • Outdoor Venue of the Year
  • City Venue of the Year
  • Golf Course of the Year
  • Warehouse Venue of the Year
  • Wedding Photographer of the Year
  • Wedding Florist of the Year
  • Wedding Videographer of the Year
  • Wedding Caterer of the Year
  • Wedding Dress Supplier of the Year
  • Wedding Dress Maker of the Year
  • Wedding Accessories Supplier of the Year
  • Wedding Music Supplier of the Year
  • Wedding DJ of the Year
  • Wedding Entertainer of the Year
  • Wedding Cake Designer of the Year
  • Wedding Stationer of the Year
  • Hair Stylist of the Year
  • Make-up Artist of the Year
  • Menswear Supplier of the Year
  • Wedding Jeweller of the Year
  • Wedding Transport Supplier of the Year
  • Wedding Decor Supplier of the Year
  • Wedding Planner of the Year
  • Marquee Supplier of the Year
  • Newcomer of the Year
  • Wedding Celebrant of the Year
  • Wedding Toastmaster of the Year

    What can I win?

    Certificate of Excellence Winner:If you qualify to be a recipient of one of Bridebook’s Certificates of Excellence you will be provided with a custom badge to proudly display on both your website, social channels and your Bridebook profile. Being a holder of such a badge will also boost your profile standing in Bridebook search results. With your badge and a boosted Bridebook profile, Certificate winners can expect more attention, more couples, more bookings, and more quality business leads!

    You will also receive a printable digital copy of your Certificate of Excellence to display with pride.

    Venue & Supplier Category Winner:2019 Winners will receive a personalised grand trophy to display at work or at home, a badge to display across your digital channels, a boosted Bridebook listing and exclusive social media exposure to Bridebook’s 350,000+ followers!


    How do you keep the awards fair?

    Our main priority is to ensure that the awards are a fair and rewarding experience. Having taken feedback on board from previous Awards, The Bridebook Wedding Awards are the only awards that give both couples and suppliers a say. Who better to judge than those you work with every day!

    Other efforts include having the Awards free and open to all venues and suppliers (not just those that pay an entry fee). Just as Bridebook is free to be listed on, we ensure all businesses within the wedding industry are fairly represented in throughout our Awards. 


    How do you make sure the reviews are authentic?

    Bridebook has taken a number of steps to ensure only authentic reviews are shared, including:

    • Proprietary algorithms are in place to check for suspicious activity on all supplier reviews.
    • We ask for a wedding date, email address and an online authenticity agreement from every review participant.
    • Reserving the right to request evidence of any feedback submitted.
    • Manual investigation and verification process for suspicious activity.


    Can I leave a review for another supplier?

    Yes! Fellow supplier reviews count towards the Bridebook Wedding Awards. Give a little love to your professional network by leaving a review on their profile. We’re sure they’ll return the favour.


    And do supplier reviews on my profile count?

    Yes. The Bridebook Wedding Awards are the only Awards that welcome both couple and supplier reviews. Bridebook believes in collaboration over competition and we encourage all wedding industry professionals to support each other in this Awards.





    If your query isn’t answered in the information above, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and we’ll do our utmost to assist you! Good luck.