Patchwork's Top 10 Wedding Gift Ideas

Whether you’re planning to ask for the items you might expect from a traditional wedding gift list, charitable donations or cash contributions (the most popular option for couples right now), just remember – whatever you do, don’t say, “No gifts!”

(Unless you’re going for the world record for the biggest collection of salad servers. In which case, you do you!)

We promise, your guests will want to treat you! It’s your wedding day, after all. So help them be sure they’re giving you something that’ll make you both happy, whether that’s helping you go on the honeymoon of a lifetime, put in that brand new kitchen you’ve been dreaming about or enjoy a year of date nights together. With a cash gift registry, you can ask for literally anything – and you have the freedom to spend your money when, where and how you want!

To help you get started, we asked the team over at Patchwork Gift Registry for their expert insight into the latest wedding gift trends and what they’re expecting couples to ask for in 2022/23.

Patchwork Gift Registry's template for "A Year of Dates"  wedding gift list

1) It’s Date Night!

One of the biggest trends we saw in wedding gifting last year was couples asking guests to chip in for a “year of dates” instead of a traditional honeymoon – and it’s set to continue throughout 2022/23. With travel remaining tricky, many newlyweds are after some R&R a little closer to home. You might go for dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, have a laugh at a comedy night, organise bike hire for a day’s cycling in the country or get away from it all for a night at a spa hotel. Whatever you do, this is the wedding gift that keeps giving for a whole year!

Setting up a cash gift list for date nights gives you flexibility in when, where and how you spend your wedding gift money. Not to mention, you’ll get to enjoy some super special time together thanks to the love of your friends and family!

Patchwork Gift Registry's template for "A Home of Our Own" wedding gift list

2) Home Sweet Home

While more and more couples are already living together when they tie the knot, many are still dreaming of owning their first home together. Every penny counts when it comes to saving up for the deposit on a first home – so why not let your guests help out?

Let your guests know your plans and what it would mean to have their support. You might want to break down your cash registry into smaller chunks so your loved ones can fund something specific: £500 towards the roof, £200 on the front door, £20 for a new door knocker…

You’ll have the keys in no time – and once you do, you can invite them all round for dinner so they can admire (and enjoy!) their gift too!

3) A Few of Our Favourite Things

Another trend popular among couples keen to stay closer to home is a gift list made up of all their favourite things to do together. What’s especially great about this option is everything on the list can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. Plus, they’re the things we don’t usually treat ourselves to… and your wedding is the perfect time to indulge!

What are some of our top ideas for a “favourite things” gift registry? We love a subscription box, whether that’s for craft beer, local cheese, organic veg or beautiful flowers. You could also ask for a couple’s massage, a “spa at home” experience or even personal training sessions. Or, if you’re a couple with kids, there’s always the greatest luxury of all – babysitting!

Patchwork Gift Registry's template for "Our Roof Garden" wedding gift list

4) Get Green Fingered!

Why not make your dreams of a gorgeous garden come true? Instead of traditional gifts, consider asking your guests to give you plants, trees or bulbs to plant and enjoy for years to come.

To make things extra special, guests could choose plants that contain their name, hold a special meaning for them or are in some way a reminder of your relationship. Another idea we love is for guests to chip in for an entertaining area in your outside space. You could add options for guests to help fund garden furniture, a barbecue, a hammock or a fire pit. Or ask for donations of help in the garden from your more green-fingered friends for a gift list that isn’t just about physical gifts but sharing time and skills too!

5) Home and Away

If you can’t decide between a much-needed honeymoon and treating yourselves to some new homeware, why not combine the two in a “home and away” gift list? Give guests the option to choose between contributing to your far-flung adventures or buying you some fluffy new towels – or both, of course!

Opting for a combination of honeymoon and homeware is perfect for couples who aren’t sure when they’ll be able to get away for a honeymoon – but would love some home comforts while they plan!

6) The Wedding Day!

So you really do have it all? Well, if you’ve got everything you need and the only thing you want is to finally tie the knot, a “friend-funded” wedding could be the perfect solution!

Recent events have caused many couples to postpone their weddings once, twice or even more. With deposits lost or other unexpected financial difficulties, some couples have struggled to get their celebrations back on track. But there’s good news! We’ve seen thoughtful friends and family come together to set up wedding registries where the wedding day itself is the gift.

Guests might chip in towards venue hire, pay the cost of catering, help fund the photographer or even buy the wedding cake! This is a truly special gift that allows couples to have the day they’ve been dreaming of – while involving everyone in a really meaningful way. It’s a gift that can be enjoyed by everyone and a chance to come together to create memories that will last forever.

Patchwork Gift Registry's template for "National Trust Lifetime Membership" wedding gift list

7) A Lifetime Membership

This is a gift that literally lasts a lifetime – and does good too! National Trust or English Heritage membership is a gift that keeps giving, offering you the chance to enjoy endless days out together. It’s your ticket to a lifetime filled with stately homes, fairytale castles, country garden strolls and cream teas! And you’ll be helping protect unforgettable places for future generations – so you and your guests can feel extra good about this zero-waste, eco-friendly gift.

At £2130 for an English Heritage lifetime membership and £2160 for a National Trust lifetime membership (both for two people), these are easily doable with a cash gift registry, allowing your friends and family to chip in towards the membership. You might even have some money left over for some new walking boots… and a lifetime supply of tea and cake!

Patchwork Gift Registry's template for "Our Wedding Art Fund" wedding gift list

8) Get Artsy

If you’re not short of stuff but still want to add something special to your home, you might like this idea! Invite your loved ones to join forces to fund a unique painting or sculpture by your favourite artist.

Art is timeless, and this is a gift that will last forever and stay with you always. In years to come, you’ll be able to look at your beautiful artwork and think of the family and friends who made it happen, no matter where you are. It’s a wonderful way to remember the day you all spent together, celebrating your marriage.

9) Go Green

Over the past few years, we’ve definitely seen a trend for couples wanting more eco-friendly, sustainable and pre-loved vintage gifts. But these aren’t so easy to put on a traditional gift list. Instead, a cash wedding registry is the best way to make sure you have the freedom and flexibility to source the one-of-a-kind pieces you’ve got your heart set on.

From ethically-sourced furnishing fabrics to reclaimed wooden future and recycled cotton bedlinens to antique treasures, the options are endless. A cash gift list lets you collect the money, then enjoy some sustainable shopping at your local flea market or vintage store. Plus, you’ll be saving on transportation costs and packaging too – so it’s an even greener way to gift!

Patchwork Gift Registry's template for "Doing up the kitchen fund" wedding gift list

10) The Home Makeover

A popular alternative this year to registries for honeymoons or “stuff” is the home makeover registry. Whether it’s the bathroom reno of your dreams or a quick kitchen refresh, why not get your family and friends to contribute? They can chip in for everything from the taps to the tiles (and even the plumber!). Once you’ve collected their contributions, you’ll have your budget and you can get going designing and planning your home updates. Then, when your project is complete, invite everyone around to admire their gift!

One last thing! Whatever you ask your guests to treat you to, remember that with Patchwork, you’ll be protecting the planet too. They’re the only wedding registry that gives back to the planet, with 50% of their sign-up fee going directly to environmental organisations.

Check out more of Patchwork’s wedding gift ideas and honeymoon fund templates on their website.

This article was created in partnership with Patchwork Wedding Registry.

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