A Guide To Choosing Wedding Jewellery

Last updated: 27th Feb 2024

After weeks of scouring wedding dress shops and hours of fitting room dramas, we know that ‘the dress’ is important. But choosing your wedding jewellery is just as crucial to give you the perfect look as you walk down the aisle. So before you start your search, be sure to consider these steps first, all from our expert insight here at Bridebook.co.uk

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Complement Your Dress

First off, the colour of your jewellery needs to stay in theme with your dress. If you’ve gone for an ivory or champagne shade of gown, gold metal will really set off this style and make you glow. If you’ve chosen a bright white gown, platinum or silver jewellery will enhance your look – or try rose gold metal to complement a dress with soft pink or blush tones.

Find a Skin Match

The same goes for jewellery working with your skin colour. If you are dark-skinned or have an olive complexion, try and find a lighter hue of jewellery that will stand out, perhaps a silver metal. On the other hand, a pale colouring can be complemented by tones of warm golds – but remember to adjust this if you’re planning on getting a tan for your big day! Whilst we are on the topic of skin tones have a read of our article: Nu Bride’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Make-Up Artist for Your Skin Tone.

Hair Accessories

Remember what you’re putting in your hair before you choose what jewellery you’re going to wear on your big day. Think about whether you’re going to sport the veil look, a glitzy tiara, or just using a simple accessory to finish off your hair style. When jewellery shopping, take your hair items with you so you can match metals if need be.

Be Comfortable

On your wedding day, you still need to do ‘you’. So if you don’t normally wear extravagant necklaces and heavy earrings, why do it on the best day of your life? You need to feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing, so let it emulate your personality and be yourself!

Happy Planning ! 

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