5 tips to help you decide where your wedding venue should be

Do you stay close to home where your family and friends are? Do you both have family and friends from the same area or are your loved ones spread across the country?

Do you choose to stay in the UK or do you search for a wedding venue overseas?


Finding the answers to these kinds of questions can prove quite stressful and it’s at this early stage of your wedding planning journey that you’ll soon learn that you can’t please everybody – and you shouldn’t have to!

It is up to you and your partner to choose a wedding venue location that you both love. And trust us; the people closest to you will travel wherever they can to be there.

Here are five tips to help you both choose where to have your wedding, whether you’ve been dreaming about this day all your life or if it’s all new to you.


Five tips to help you choose where to wed


1. In the UK or abroad?

The first thing you’ll need to decide as a couple is whether you want to get married in the UK or abroad.

If you both picture your wedding day on a beach in beautiful sunshine, it’s safe to assume an overseas wedding might be best to avoid disappointment!

In contrast, those wishing to get married in a church will most probably need to stay in the UK.

It’s also worth considering which of your guests may not be able to travel before deciding to wed abroad. It may be that elderly grandparents or very young children would have to stay home.

Ultimately, it’s about where you both envisage saying your “I do’s”. There will always be compromises to make along the way.


2. If in the UK, do you stay close to home or marry further afield?

If you’ve decided the UK is where you’ll be saying your nuptials the next thing to consider is whether you’ll get married close to home or further afield.

Many couples will choose somewhere that means something to them; so close to where they grew up or somewhere they’ve been as a couple that holds wonderful memories.

Others might just love the idea of a particular place they currently don’t know much about.

There’s no right or wrong way to decide on where to choose a wedding venue, just do your research. Find out what accommodation and local amenities are close to the areas you like so that the decision is practical as well as emotional.


3. What does your ideal wedding venue look like?

Although choosing a wedding venue location can be tough, most couples will have a good idea as to the type of wedding venue they want.

Do you dream of a stately home in the Cotswolds or a chic hotel wedding venue in the centre of busy London?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted a rustic barn wedding or love the idea of getting married outside.

By pinpointing a particular type of venue you both adore you can more easily choose and rule out locations that won’t suit.


4. What style of wedding do you dream of?

How formal or informal do you want your wedding day to be?

It’s helpful to know whether you’re seeking out opulent grandeur to host a more formal, black tie wedding breakfast or whether you’re looking to create a relaxed affair. Are you thinking five course sit down dinner or a help yourself buffet?

What is your usual style as a couple? If you’d label yourselves as a sophisticated pair it makes sense that your wedding day would reflect this about you. If you’re a more casual couple, you’d probably hate nothing more than a formal wedding.


5. DIY or all inclusive

Many wedding venues will help you plan your entire wedding day and will have a list of pre approved wedding suppliers for you to use.

Some wedding venues will offer a much more DIY approach and offer couples the chance to find their own suppliers and arrange the setup of their wedding day themselves.

Most UK wedding venues will offer a bit of both; offering wedding planning support to those who need it and offering a degree of flexibility in allowing you to build your dream day as you wish.

It’s important to understand how much flexibility and support is available to you when visiting your shortlisted venues.


“It doesn’t matter where you’re going; it’s who you have beside you that really matters”


Choosing where to get married should be a fun and exciting experience, and ultimately, you know that wherever you choose will be perfect because it’s yours…both of yours.