Wedding Cakes in Newcastle

Newcastle is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a range of stunning venues and wedding vendors to make your special day unforgettable. Read moreNewcastle has some of the most innovative and talented wedding cakes in the country, who are always willing to go above and beyond to make your day perfect.
Sara's Kitchen
Consett, County Durham
Bridebook Deal Available50+ Weddings Served
Bespoke wedding cakes, dessert bars and cake tables! Providing an Award Winning service to the whole of the North East of England
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  • From £300
Fairy Hill Cakes
Ferryhill, County Durham
Bridebook Deal Available50+ Weddings Served
Welcome to Fairy Hill Cakes, home of exquisitely hand crafted edible works of art right here in the North East! Here you'll find cakes, favours and dessert tables plus other yummy gifts for guests.
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  • From £250
Cozzmic Cakes
50+ Weddings Served
Custom Wedding Cakes, Unique designs, Favours, Cupcakes, Cakepops, we are happy to help in any way that we can.
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  • Moderate (££)
Symphony in Sugar Cakes
Cramlington, Northumberland
50+ Weddings Served
We Specialise in Bespoke 3D Cakes aswell as Wedding Cakes, we cater for any occasion and budget. We are known for thinking out of the box. We have a great Client base aswell as a few celebrities.
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  • From £250
Holly's Delicious Cakes
Consett, County Durham
50+ Weddings Served
I am a home based cake decorator and love building the creations my customers order. I love to go above and beyond my customers expectations to ensure they are 100% confident in their wedding cake order
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  • From £80
The Cake Garden, Morpeth
Morpeth, Northumberland
50+ Weddings Served
The Cake Garden is widely recognised for specialising in creating delicious, beautiful and elegent wedding cake designs in both icing and chocolate.
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  • From £85
Sticky Sponge Cake Studio
Stocksfield, Northumberland
30-50 Weddings Served
We create unique works of art from cake for that wow factor for any special occasion.
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  • From £200
Cakes by Emma, Sunderland
Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
50+ Weddings Served
Where irresistibly pretty and elegant cakes and cupcakes are created for your special day
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  • From £180
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Can wedding cake makers in Newcastle provide a cake stand?

Yes, wedding cake makers in Newcastle can often provide a cake stand. Cake stands are a popular accessory that adds elegance and height to the presentation of the wedding cake. Many cake makers offer cake stands for rent or as part of their cake package. It's advisable to discuss your preferences with the cake maker during consultations to ensure they can provide a suitable cake stand that complements the design and size of your wedding cake.

What is the refund or cancellation policy for wedding cake makers in Newcastle?

The refund or cancellation policy for wedding cake makers in Newcastle may vary from one cake maker to another. It's important to inquire about the specific policy when discussing your cake order. Some cake makers may have a non-refundable deposit or require a certain notice period for cancellations. It's advisable to clarify these details and read through the contract or agreement provided by the cake maker to understand the terms and conditions associated with refunds or cancellations. Being aware of the policy will help you make informed decisions and mitigate any potential issues.

Will I get to meet my wedding cake maker in Newcastle in advance?

Meeting your wedding cake maker in Newcastle in advance is often possible and encouraged. Cake makers understand the importance of building a connection and ensuring that your vision aligns with their capabilities. By scheduling a face-to-face consultation or arranging a virtual meeting, you can meet the cake maker, discuss your ideas, and explore design options together. This allows for effective communication, sharing of inspiration, and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Meeting in advance also provides an opportunity to taste samples, view their portfolio, and establish a rapport, ensuring a smooth collaboration throughout the cake creation process.

Do wedding cake makers in Newcastle have a portfolio or photo gallery of your previous wedding cake designs?

Yes, wedding cake makers in Newcastle often have a portfolio or photo gallery showcasing their previous wedding cake designs. Portfolios serve as visual representations of the cake maker's skills and style, allowing you to assess their capabilities and find inspiration for your own cake design. Cake makers may display their portfolios on their websites, social media platforms, or in physical albums during consultations. Examining their portfolio or photo gallery gives you an idea of the cake maker's creativity, attention to detail, and ability to bring your vision to life.

Can wedding cake makers in Newcastle accommodate our dietary restrictions or allergies?

Wedding cake makers in Newcastle are usually accommodating when it comes to dietary restrictions or allergies. They understand the importance of providing options for various dietary needs. Whether you require gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, or other specific dietary accommodations, discussing your requirements with the cake maker is essential. They can suggest alternative ingredients, offer suitable substitutions, and ensure that your cake is safe and enjoyable for all guests. Communicating your dietary restrictions or allergies in advance allows the cake maker to create a cake that meets your needs while still delivering delicious flavor and beautiful presentation.

What flavours and fillings of wedding cake do bakers in Newcastle offer?

Bakers in Newcastle offer a wide array of flavors and fillings for wedding cakes. The options available may vary from one cake maker to another, but popular choices often include traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, or fruitcake. Fillings can range from classic buttercream and fruit preserves to indulgent options like chocolate ganache, salted caramel, or cream cheese frosting. During consultations with the cake maker, you can discuss the available flavors and fillings, and even explore custom combinations to suit your taste preferences. Bakers are usually flexible and open to creating unique flavor profiles that will make your wedding cake a memorable delight.