How to Write Save the Date Cards

If you want to know how to write save the date cards, this hack is for you. Follow this simple template to help you write your save-the-dates in minutes.

How to write save-the-date cards

In recent times, there have been less and less people writing their own save-the-date cards. It has largely been replaced by highly gifted Etsy sellers who create beautiful templates which can be customised for your wedding at a very reasonable price. The low cost of customisation has sky-rocketed the popularity of these sellers due to the high-quality results and the time-saving they provide.

But not everybody wants to take this route. Many people prefer to make their own or at least do their own wording. If you are in this category and you want to know how to write save the date cards, this hack is for you.

There are many different approaches to this and there are really no set rules to which you must follow. Ideally, you want to get your save-the-dates sent out soon after you get engaged to allow your guests to pencil the date into their diary. The save-the-date should have less detail than the actual invitation (otherwise there is no point in sending both) and should only contain the essential details as you probably haven’t confirmed many bookings yet. You can say whatever you want! To make sure you’re covering all the important info, we have outlined below the key information which you should make sure you don’t miss.

So, here are the things you MUST include:

  • Bride and groom’s names(yeah…..thanks for stating the obvious!)
  • Wedding date(It’s kinda in the name)

And here are the things you should include:

  • The wedding location(city – not the venue)
  • Wedding website(if you have one)
  • A little bit of text saying “Formal invitation to follow” or similar(just to make clear it’s not the actual invitation)

And here are the things you probably shouldn’t include

  • Venue(you probably haven’t booked one yet)
  • Gift list details(you’re just casually inviting them to the wedding. Don’t start asking for presents yet!)
  • RSVP card(too early for finalising your guest list)

And here are the things you definitely shouldn’t include:

  • A list of your top 10 favourite Robert de Niro movies(but why would you?)

Kidding aside, that’s all you need to know. The save-the-date requires less detail than your actual invitation so can be a little lighter and playful in tone. Have some fun with it and be creative.

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