How to Write Wedding Invitations - A Template

This guide shows you how to write wedding invitations and the key information you need to include.

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Last updated: 27th Feb 2024
How to Write Wedding Invitations

These days, customised wedding invitations are extremely popular. Beautiful designs and low prices make this a great option for many couples as it saves hours of making and writing invitations.

For this reason, much of the art of invitation writing has been forgotten with pre-built invitations being delivered to you needing nothing more than a name and address. This isn’t a bad thing as it’s one less thing for you to think about(let’s face it! You’ve got enough to do!). But, if you do want to write your own, where do you start? What is the correct wording?

Well the truth is….there is no correct wording. Wedding etiquette traditions have been reworked by a new generation as we have seen a rise of informal language gracing our wedding stationery.

Although the etiquette has been remodelled, it’s still important that you give your guests all the information they need. So here is everything you need to include on your wedding invitations. The order and wording is up to you. Just make sure it’s all on there:

  1. Name of person and any +1’s
  2. “You are invited to the marriage of” [a line making clear that they are invited]
  3. Bride’s name &
  4. Groom’s name
  5. Date
  6. Time of day
  7. Location of wedding – Name of venue and full address
  8. Reception information
  9. Gift list information

If one(or both) of your parents are hosting, you can add the following at the beginning:

  • Names of parents
  • Request your presence(replaces line 2 above)
  • At the marriage of their daughter/son

Next up, it’s time to send your invitations

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