15 Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposing to your partner might seem an easy task, but sometimes you’re not sure exactly how to get down on one knee. Proposing to your partner is a special moment that neither of you will ever forget..

To make this memorable moment extra unique, we are here with 15 romantic marriage proposal ideas that will make your partner fall in love with you again.

1. Re-create your first date proposal

Boyfriend and girlfriend recreating their first date at a restaurant with the boyfriend about to propose to his girlfriend

Do you remember the place where you both met for the first time? A restaurant, a bar, or a movie? 

All you need to do is recreate your first date, this will bring up all the lovely memories back. You both can have a conversation about all the happy and beautiful memories of your relationship. Then you can get down on your knee with a ring in your hand and romantically propose to your partner.

2. Summit proposal

Just imagine proposing to your partner on the top of the mountain with a stunning all-round view. Isn’t it amazing?

Plan a trip to your favourite mountainous destination with your partner and plan a proposal. If you and your partner love the joy of conquering the summit, then make that moment worth remembering and even more memorable by proposing to them there in your unique way.

3. Hot air balloon proposal

Hot air balloons in the air with a beautiful sunset in the background

As “Love is in the Air” then why not propose to your partner in a romantic hot air balloon ride.

This engagement idea is becoming ever so popular, and for a good reason. Just book a hot air balloon ride to make the moment of proposing that much more romantic and beautiful. This will be a proposal neither of you will ever forget – just make sure your partner is not too afraid of heights.

4. Friends and family proposal

If you and your partner are close to both your family and friends, then why not include them in your life’s special moment?

Proposing to your life partner with all your friends and family members will be a great way to include your loved ones in your happy moment. This will make you and your partner feel extra special, and will be an engagement your friends and family will not stop talking about.

5. Pets and kids proposal

As you are planning for a romantic proposal and have pets or kids in your house, why shouldn’t they be a part of this beautiful moment?

How cute will it look to see a proposing message like “Will You Marry Me?” around a dog’s collar? Or a child holding a board with another romantic proposal message. Your partner will surely love this. And you can make this moment an extra special one by going down on your knee with a ring and proposing to them.

6. Holiday proposal

Couple relaxing on swing on holiday

Are you and your partner fond travellers? If yes, then you should take your partner on holiday to a romantic destination and make that moment worth remembering.

Plan a trip to a destination that you both wanted to visit together, or one that’s extra special to you both, and don’t forget to carry the ring with you. You can then plan various ways of proposing to them like going for a candlelight dinner, a walk on the beach, or watching a sunrise or sunset.

7. Scavenger hunt proposal

You can bring joy and excitement while proposing to your partner by playing a treasure or scavenger hunt game – talk about a unique engagement proposal idea.

Just hide the clues of your proposal message in and around the house and ask your partner to find the clues. After finding all the clues, they will be ending up forming a complete proposal message, creating a charming and memorable moment.

8. Skywriting proposal

One of the most surprising ways to propose your partner is the skywriting proposal, which can make them feel amazed.

All you need to do is to hire a skywriter and ask them to write your proposal message with a plane in the clouds, an unforgettable moment for both of you.

9. Camping proposal

Dome camping tents and campers overlooking mountain ranges at sunrise

Proposing to your partner in a tent under the night sky will leave a surreal and fantastic memory.

Pitch up a tent under the night sky and spend quality time with your partner by sharing some of your favourite memories, watching the stars, or anything romantic to help set the mood. Then when the moment is right, pull out the ring and propose.

10. Favourite movie proposal

Are you and your partner both movie lovers? If yes, then why not choose the movie engagement idea?

Plan a movie date with your partner to watch you or your partner’s favourite romantic movie and don’t forget to carry a ring with you. While watching the movie together, wait for a romantic scene to come, then you can take out the ring and propose. This will surely surprise them and make your movie date a perfect one.

11. Favourite love song proposal

One loving way of proposing to your partner is to propose with a song playing in the background.

You can plan out a date with them, then you can play their favourite love song in the background or if you have a great voice, why not serenade your partner? Then when the time is right, go down on your knees with a ring in your hand and propose.

12. Foodie proposal

Couple at eating delicious lunch in cafe

Are you or your partner food lovers? If yes, then a foodie proposal is perfect for you both.

First choose their favourite food; then you can write down your proposal message on a paper or card and then place it in their food. If you’re an excellent cook, why not make it even more special and cook the meal yourself? Example: proposal message on the icing of a chocolate cake or a note inside a fortune cookie.

13. Boat Proposal

One of the most romantic engagement ideas is  proposing to your partner out on the water.

Go for a boat ride with your partner and plan to propose to them there as it will be the most romantic, intimate, and perfect place to ask them for marriage. This boat ride will surely be memorable for both of you.

14. Crossword puzzle proposal

Proposing to your partner with a crossword puzzle is one of the most unique, surprising and fun marriage proposal ideas.

You need to contact any of the puzzles editors to form a crossword puzzle that delivers a proposal message to your partner. Or else you can create your own crossword puzzle online for proposing.

15. Skydiving proposal

Man and woman in overalls skydiving over countryside

Last but not least, a skydiving proposal is one of the most memorable engagement ideas ever. 

With nature as your perfect setting, this idea is one they will surely remember for the rest of their life. Ready the question that’s largely printed on the destination so that they notice it the second you reach the ground. What’s even better? Go with printing a large banner so that they can notice it while both of you are in the air together.

This was all about the best 15 romantic marriage proposal ideas that will add more love and memories in your love life. You can choose any of these ways of proposing to your partner and making that extra special moment an unforgettable one.

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