7 At-Home Date Ideas

We all love date night: It’s the getting ready in anticipation, looking up restaurant reviews, arguing over what film to see, and who’s booking the seats.

We know that you might be missing these special nights out, but in the age of social distancing it’s time to get a little bit more creative with your date nights at home. 

There really is no better time than the present to shake things up and even save yourselves some serious dollar in the process. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some quarantine-approved, stay-at-home date nights that you and your partner can try out. You are most welcome. 

1. For the Cant-Sit-Still Couple

Have you been talking about taking those salsa lessons or tango classes for ages, but never managed to do it for fear of falling in the middle of a rumba?  Well, now’s the perfect time to learn with zero fear of embarrassment. DanceDojo has free salsa lessons with video tutorials on salsa steps, turns, and combinations. This could be the perfect time to perfect that fancy footwork for the first dance at your wedding!

couple dancing in black and white

2. For the Aspiring Mixologists

Who said you can’t have an at-home happy hour? There’s no need to go to the shops for this one, why not see who can come up with the best cocktail from items you already have in the fridge. If winging it isn’t your style (or you don’t want to waste any precious liquor), the make me a cocktail website will tell you what classic cocktails you can make with what you already have.

3. For the Comfortable Couple:

No judgment from us if you don’t feel like changing out of your cosiest clothes (who can blame you). But why not make movie night a little more special, and camp out in your living room. Setting up a blanket fort will automatically make you feel like mischievous children, in the best possible way. Just grab some pillows, some extra blankets and you’ve got yourself a cozy hideaway. Bonus points for whoever brings the fairy lights and extra snacks. 

couple in tent with fairylights

4. For the Theatre-lovers:

For those of you missing out on theatre trips, Filmed on stage is bringing the theatre to you. Access hundreds of plays and musicals, from Comedies to Shakespeare, at your fingertips. You can even watch that sold-out National Theatre play you’ve been trying to get tickets to for months. Feel free to crack open an interval ice cream (and it won’t cost you £6!). 

5. For the Jetsetters:

We know you might have had trips cancelled, but rather than setting your screensaver to that picturesque beach, why not have an around the world evening-in? Curb your wanderlust by bringing Tokyo to your living room by watching Lost in Translation, ordering sushi and singing out-of-tune karaoke. Or head to the Italian Riviera by watching a classic Italian film (Il Paradiso is our pick), making a delicious bolognese and drinking a bottle (or two) together.

couple having dinner with candles

6. For the Cultural Couple:

One of the perks of 2000 museums and galleries being online at Google Arts & Culture is that finally, they’re open 24 hours! So why not find your way to the Musée d’Orsay in Paris (without thousands of people blocking your view), or head to the Guggenheim in New York. Alongside art collections, there are tours of famous sites and landmarks such as the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum and the Bolshoi Theatre. Now is a better time than any to learn your Monet from your Manet and your Dalí from your Degas.

7. For Romantic Reminiscing:

We could all do with a little extra romance right now, so go back to the beginning of your relationship, when the words social distancing had never been uttered. Light some candles, look through your old photos together and go through the New York Times’ 36 questions to make you fall in love. We promise you will laugh, cry and remember things you had completely forgotten about each other. Take this time to slow down and be present with the person you love most.

couple in romantic setting