Princess Eugenie's Wedding to Cost £2,820,620

Last updated: 30th May 2022

The UK is being graced with another royal wedding this year, and despite the shared venue, it is clear Eugenie and Jack are set to make their big day special and unique., the UK’s no.1 wedding planning app used by 1 in 3 UK couples, is here to call the trends we expect to be started, and the price tags along with them. With over 5,340 glasses of champagne and 1,800 glasses of wine required to keep all their guests happy, it should come as no surprise that the wedding is expected to come in at a whopping £2,820,620. Whilst £2.8 million is more than 100 times the price of the average British wedding, it pales compared to Harry and Meghan’s wedding cost of £32 million, more than 10 times Eugenie’s

Not to be outdone by the modern standard set by Harry and Meghan, Eugenie and Jack are doing what very few before them are likely to have done: having a completely plastic free wedding. If that isn’t the epitome of a millennial, environmentally conscious wedding, we don’t know what is!

Eugenie and Jack’s wedding is sure to set plenty of it’s own trends, from the outstanding decision of going completely plastic free, to the autumnal themes it is sure to embrace. But if our expert-predicted costs are anything to go by, Eugenie and Jack are sure to not be outdone either, with the costs quickly racking up despite the slightly smaller scale of this event. Explore just how much Eugenie and Jack’s tastes add up, as well as the carefully curated ways Eugenie is establishing herself as a pioneering young royal.

Eugenie and Jack engagement photo


Venue – £85,000 – £300,000

Just like Harry and Meghan, Eugenie and Jack will get married at St. George’s chapel and then have their party on Windsor grounds. Following the afternoon reception, hosted by the Queen at the castle, the guests will move on to the Royal Lodge, where Eugenie’s father, the Duke of York lives. Although Eugenie and Jack won’t have to worry about securing a venue, or paying for it, the crisp month of October will beg for a marquee to keep the guests warm and a fully-equipped catering tent. A luxury marquee to accommodate all the guests, as well as the additional tents for catering and loos, will cost upwards of £85,000. Alternatively, if Eugenie opts for the glass marquee style as Pippa Middleton did, she should expect it to cost upwards of £300,000.


Catering – £100,000 to £151,600

Luxury catering for 350 guests doesn’t come cheap! Add 1,200 members of the public, top that with a plastic-free motif, and the numbers stack up! Those little plastic spoons and forks that hold the lamb croquettes will be a big no-no at this wedding, and replacing them with plastic-free options will add up on the bill, particularly as the plastic-free trend is only just beginning to emerge in the wedding industry. We expect Eugenie’s highly publicised decision is sure to plastic-free much more accessible to all couples in the years to come.


Drinks – £84,500

If there’s one thing Eugenie and Jack will do better than Harry and Meghan, it’s the alcohol. Jack is the UK Ambassador for George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila, a previous club-owner (which is how he and Eugenie met) and his dream is to own a chain of pubs. As for Eugenie, her favourite drink is Vodka Soda. Together with her sister and Maid of Honour, Beatrice, the two make an invincible party duo, which means this wedding is going to be a very boozey occasion.  And with 5,340 glasses of champagne and 1,800 glasses of wine needed to keep their guests happy during the champagne reception and dinner, there is sure to be a hefty weight to the bill!


Dress – £230,000

One secret that has been spilt by Princess Eugenie is that, contrary to Meghan, she has chosen a British designer to create her wedding dress. An environmental activist who is having a plastic-free wedding could only go with an environmentally outspoken designer. In this case, we predict Stella McCartney is designing this Princess’ wedding dress. The price tag for a bespoke Stella McCartney gown? Somewhere around a casual £200,000.


Floristry – £100,000

An eco-friendly wedding is a perfect chance to show off the beauty of the season’s British flowers. Hundreds of thousands of fresh flowers and herbs will decorate the church, Windsor Castle and marquees, likely with the notable caveat that they can be re-planted following the wedding to ensure minimal environmental impact. This a noble, yet pricey decision.


Photography & Videography  – £17,000

If you’re throwing a Royal Wedding, photography and videography need to be beyond perfect, and that doesn’t come cheap! Fashion and Celebrity Photographer Alexis Lubomirski wowed everyone with his shots of Meghan and Harry’s engagement and wedding, if Eugenie and Jack want to keep up with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, they will need to loosen their purse strings and find an A-list photographer to capture their happiest moments. Expect to see the ever increasingly popular documentary photography style prevailing, highlighting Eugenie and Jack as a young, fun and more laid back royal couple.


Cake – £5,600

If Eugenie and Jack plan on staying environmentally friendly with their cake and feeding all of their guests at least one slice, they will need a fresh, local and seasonal fruit 6-tier creation! Claire Ptak, the famous cake-maker who made Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake, is known for working with locally sourced ingredients, so she could be the top choice for these two, otherwise locally-based Melissa Woodland is a top pick. Cakes made with fresh seasonal fruit can’t be stored overnight, and this makes them more expensive than your average wedding cake.


Stationery – £30,000

The invitations for this Royal Wedding came with a special touch, a Nelson Mandela quote which is sure to keep the guests on their toes.  To top it there is come beautiful calligraphy work and the family’s badge printed in gold ink, which, although not as significant as the quote, will weigh on the final price a lot more.

The quote, seen below, only further reinforces Eugenie and Jack’s determination to make this a truly significant day, led by their values and passions.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – NELSON MANDELA


Music & Entertainment – £25,000 – £55,000

From trumpets and bell ringers to the organist and choirs in the church, DJ’s and live bands, Eugenie and Jack’s Wedding will be filled with music! Lucky for them, they have some of the best voices and entertainers in the world attending the wedding! Namely, Robbie Williams, who’s daughter will be a flower-girl, James Blunt, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran and more… Their friends might throw in a free song or two, but everything else will come with a price tag. Add to that the other entertainment Eugenie and Jack are sure to provide.


Wedding Rings – £6,000

For decades, it’s been a Royal Family tradition to use Welsh gold for the wedding ring of the bride. Welsh gold is extremely rare, and only a small portion of it is kept by the Queen in the royal vaults. Although traditionally Royal Family men don’t wear rings, Jack will likely follow in Harry’s footsteps and opt to wear a wedding band, which will require a little bit more of that precious Welsh gold.


Bridesmaid Outfits – £5,000

Anyone who’s been married or been a bridesmaid knows how expensive bridesmaid dresses can be. A bridesmaid dress for the Maid of Honour, Princess Beatrice, will be designer, and though she is known for sporting curiously affordable dresses, she will want to look lavish for her little sister’s big cold! Beatrice has already expressed how much of a modern bride Eugenie is, and we can’t wait to see how this will affect the style of the whole wedding, and of course, her Maid of Honour’s dress!


Church Fees – £170

Eugenie and Jack will be getting married at St. George’s Chapel, just like Harry and Meghan, but even if you’re getting married at your family’s church, you have to pay the fee! A minuscule cost compared to the others, but nevertheless, it adds up.


Groomswear – £6,050

The groom is sure to be as dashing, particularly dressed in the royal Saville Row tailor Huntsman’s best wedding attire. A bespoke tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers are sure to cost upwards from £4,400, with new shoes costing around £900. Add to that an outfit change, as is sure to be expected for both the bride and the groom, and you have another £3000 for bespoke black tie. Our tip to Jack? Sand the bottom of your new shoes to avoid slip ups on the dancefloor!


Hair & Makeup – £2,700

We’re sure Eugenie will be having only the best makeup artists and hair stylists on hand for her big day. Even with the natural makeup look that she is sure to opt for, getting personalised beauty done on the big day for the bride and her entire wedding team costs a pretty penny.


Wedding Favours – £1000

Expect to see Eugenie and Jack opting for wedding favours that reflect their firm environmental beliefs. Perhaps an eco-friendly gift from Balmoral, or even Windsor Great Park honey. Wedding favours always work best when they are something that reflect the couple, with no need to be flashy or expensive.


Toilets  – £16,000

Don’t forget the toilets! Marquee weddings tend to cost more than weddings held indoors due to all of the extra facilities that need to be covered as well. For as many guests as Eugenie and Jack are having, and for the caliber that they will be, expect only the most formal temporary toilets. Pippa Middleton’s luxury toilets cost £4,000 for 350 guests. Eugenie and Jack are having a total of 1,200 guests, so it’s easy to see how this cost would add up.


Security – £2,000,000

It’s not a Royal Wedding without the highest security measures the country can provide! Though Eugenie and Jack’s carriage ride around Windsor will be considerably shorter than Harry and Meghan’s, there will still be a substantial cost in protecting the royal couple. From sniper coverage, to the latest anti-drone technology, expect the security costs to be upwards of £2 million.



The above figures have been calculated following an analysis of over 170,000 weddings via‘s wedding planning tools and budget calculatorand a review of over 70,000 wedding industry suppliers’ price estimates listed on’s wedding venue and supplier directory. is currently being used by 1 in 3 UK couples planning their wedding, and therefore has an unparalleled understanding of the wedding planning process, as well as relationships with brides and wedding industry suppliers across the country.


Hamish Shephard, founder of, the UK’s leading wedding planning app,  says:
“After Meghan and Harry’s wedding was the most viewed wedding in history, a second Royal wedding at Windsor is certainly going to attract another global audience.”
“With Eugenie and Jack both attendees at Harry and Meghan’s wedding at Windsor Castle earlier in the year, they will certainly want to differentiate their day to celebrate their individuality and have their personalities demonstrated throughout the wedding details.” 
“After Meghan broke tradition by walking herself down the aisle, and by having a gospel choir and her now infamous preacher, Eugenie will be delighted to have the freedom to do exactly what she wants.” 
“Whilst Meghan and Harry’s wedding was an international spectacular, Eugenie and Jack will be having a more homely occasion celebrating the best of Britain, but with an equally star studded guest list.” 


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