After weeks of being inside, forced apart from our nearest and dearest, weddings seem like a lifetime away. And yet, the day will come when life will be full of loved ones, laughter and celebration once more. We can expect some significant effects on weddings to come later this year and into 2021.

The 2021 wedding season will not be without its challenges. With 64% of 2020 weddings expected to be pushed-back, 2021 is set to be a busy one.  Couples will have to make quick decisions on dates, to get first dibs on the date they want.  Guests can expect many more clashes, and midweek weddings than ever, making things a little more challenging. On the bright side, we’ll have a way to use up all of those saved holiday days…

Post-coronavirus, we can expect that weddings will be bigger, bolder, and even more full of meaning. Everyone is longing for the days of confetti, cake, and bubbly, and we have the scoop on the trends you can expect to see post-lockdown.


Digital Guests: 

One thing that has come from this period of change and online socialising is the normalisation of online meeting services, such as zoom. Travel restrictions may persist for some time, and we expect two-thirds of weddings post-lockdown to have at least some guests attending virtually. For elderly relatives, as well as friends and family living in far-flung destinations, digital access will be a great way for them to still be able to attend these special moments, even if just remotely. 

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Courageous Fashion Choices:

After what feels like months of wearing the same pair of leggings and jumpers, everyone will be jumping at the chance to dress up and look their best.  We can expect adventurous guest fashion, with brighter, more fashion-forward dresses and bolder jewellery choices. 

It won’t just be guests making bold statements; we are seeing a 50% increase in the popularity of statement veils (probably thanks to Mrs. Bieber). We can expect to see many more brides making this trend their own, embroidering their veils with meaningful quotes or even initials. Alongside an increase in statement veils, we are also seeing a rise in catwalk-inspired statement sleeves and pearl-embellished dresses, seen at the likes of Dior and Chanel.

Classic Blue was announced as the Pantone colour of the year, so expect a great revival in the something blue, something borrowed tradition, featuring this beautiful shade. Think blue in newly trending hair barrettes, jewelry and even the bases of high heels!

Post-credit-crunch, boho brides were on the rise, and this trend is set to explode once more. Many 2021 brides will be going for the ethereal look, with wearable florals, and bridal crowns taking center stage.

bride with flower crown


Creative Wedding Decor:

If you thought wedding creativity had reached its peak, just you wait. With more time than ever to d think about wedding details, we can expect a move away from some more traditional elements to more creative and modern takes on decor.  Some creative couples will be changing up the traditional seating charts, instead painting table lists on flower-filled glass boxes. Floral hoops have also been growing in popularity, with growing in popularity by 80% this year, alongside hanging floral decorations and flower-filled aisles.

Post quarantine, there will be a revival of the Do-it-yourself Bride and Groom. Around three-quarters of weddings will include some DIY elements, as couples cut costs where they can (and have more time on their hands!), with DIY-couples saving a combined £20million. We are looking forward to personalised table settings, wedding favours, and decor, such as photo displays. 

DIY floral arrangement


Wedding Food Trends:

With so many couples caring more than ever about sustainability and the environment, it is no wonder that there has been a shift to a focus on menu seasonality, as well as plastic and waste reduction.  With many couples aiming to create as little environmental impact as possible, the increase in zero-plastic and reduced-waste weddings could save more than 15,000 tonnes of wedding waste from ending up in landfills (that’s 100 blue whales!). From invitations made of recycled paper,  vegan menus and leftover composting, we can safely assume that the sustainable wedding trend is here to stay and will explode in 2021.  We imagine many couples will be donating leftover flowers to local hospitals and hospices, which hopefully will be a trend that will stick.

As for the sweet stuff,  we predict a shift away from the traditional and pricy wedding cakes that often remain uneaten, to more exciting offerings. Unique grab and go dessert displays, such as doughnut walls will come into their own (there are almost 100,000 posts under the hashtag #donutwall on Instagram!).

Weddings are all about individuality and celebrating who the couple truly is. We are expecting food and drink that pay homage to the backgrounds of the couple, whether that is custom messages in fortune cookies or cocktails made with a type of Slovakian cherry liquor.  More and more couples will be selecting super-personal menus, such as family favourite desserts, or cocktails named after people and places that mean something to the couple and their families.


Party Central:

After the storm of COVID, when weddings begin again, they are set to go on till the early hours. Where there is partying, there is midnight feasting. Guests can expect to be sustained with anything from sweet treat grazing tables, to late-night pasta pots to keep them dancing the night away.

Missing happy hour has become a national tragedy, and it’s coming back in a big way – think serve-yourself prosecco taps, experimental cocktails, and boozy popsicles like frozen rose, mimosas, and mojitos making their way onto a dancefloor near you. 

It’s only natural that with happy hour, comes confidence in dance ability. Learning a Tiktok dance became a quarantine right of passage, and newly married couples will be eager to show off their new fancy footwork. Be prepared for some seriously questionable, but hilarious first dances. 


Registry Remix:

Many couples feel that this period has put things into perspective, as well as made many questioning what gifts they can live without. Cutlery and crystal bowls are a nice memento, but lots of couples are forgoing the regular registry list, asking for experiences, not things. More will be asking for starter funds for a new home, a pet, or for their honeymoons. Charity registries will also become the norm, with more and more couples wanting to donate to a cause they feel passionate about.


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