15 Wedding Trends from Pippa Middleton's Wedding

It felt like the whole world was watching Pippa’s big day, with brides-to-be in particular keeping their eyes peeled for any extra inspiration. Thankfully, Bridebook.co.uk, the UK’s leading wedding planning app and website, has done all the leg work and compiled all of the new trends Pippa has set into motion in the wedding world with her big do. Whatever your budget or wedding style, you might just find something you’d like to re-create for your own big day.

The main trend from Pippa’s wedding is the embracing of traditions. From the choice of flowers and church location, to the outfits of the pageboys and bridesmaids and the wedding transport,  to the design of her own dress and bouquet, Pippa’s wedding will have likely started a renaissance for tradition in weddings. 


Wedding Dress Trends:

Tradition is the trend here. Gone are the days of strapless dresses and nude mesh cutouts. Instead, we’re seeing a shift to embracing the history and tradition of styles that are timelessly classical such as Pippa’s high neck, cap sleeves, chapel length train, and heavy embroidery. Want to re-create the look? Discover wedding designers and boutiques near you.



Pippa opted to have just children in her bridal party for the Church ceremony, as opposed to her adult friends. This is sure to become a more popular trend especially for brides who have too many close friends to choose from or would like to avoid the politics and save money by not paying for bridesmaids dresses and makeup. Plus, they look positively adorable!


Glass Marquees

The infamous glass marquee, costing a whopping £110,000, is going to set the trend of glass marquees like wildfire. You’ll be seeing couples leaving behind the boxy and restricting canvas marquee feel, and instead opt for the glamorous ‘greenhouse effect’. Track down your UK glass marquee today!


“Unplugged” Weddings

Just as we saw a spike in ‘plugged in’ weddings complete with wedding hashtags and live Instagram feed displays, we are sure to see couples return to the more authentic experience, including social media bans and no photos allowed, as was sure to be the case throughout Pippa’s day.


Wedding Flower Trends

Another ‘back to tradition’ trend here. Floral trends have been leaning heavily on bright, diverse and exotic combinations of flowers in the recent years, however Pippa’s choice of going traditional with a focus on pale pink English roses is an indication of a shift in preference for organic and natural flower choices. Pick your wedding florist from the best of Britain on Bridebook!


Two Venue Weddings

Pippa chose to split her big day into a two tier event, the more formal and traditional morning ceremony followed by the big bang of a party in the evening. As couples get married later in life and struggle juggling the expectations of the older generations with the party expectations of their friends, this is a structure that is sure to become more and more popular. Plus who doesn’t love browsing gorgeous wedding venues?


Black-tie Receptions

Usually associated with big American weddings, the black-tie evening event is experiencing a resurgence, just like we saw for Pippa’s evening event in the glass marquee. A great way to add that extra dose of celebration to your evening.


Two Dresses

Just like two part weddings are becoming a trend, so are two dresses! A formal more traditional gown for the morning ceremony, and then a more relaxed cut in the evening. Not only is this practical (no trains or big skirts to deal with during the dancing), it also adds that extra level of theatrical oomph as the bride reveals her second outfit.


Unique Entertainment

Whilst everyone loves a good magician, expect to see couples trying to get more creative and unique with their wedding entertainment (even if it’s not quite a Spitfire flyby).


May Weddings

Summer months have long reigned supreme for weddings, but we’re glad to see the appreciation for spring months increasing. While you may have to risk wet weather, the advantages are boundless. From fewer conflicting occasions, the gorgeous colours of British springtime, and the exciting energy that comes with the run up to summer, we’re happy to see May getting the attention it deserves.



Vintage is back in style! Pippa’s vintage Jaguar was a showstopper in itself, and much more classical looking than the newer luxury white sedans that have been popular as of late. Besides, when else would you have the excuse to ride in a gorgeous vintage car?


Exotic Guest Hats

Previously reserved for Ascot, expect guests to go big on hats! Not only does it make the congregation look fabulous as the Church is filled with different colours and shapes, it’s also an extra bit of excitement and fun for the guests. We’re hoping to see some more feathers in particularly, as one of Pippa’s guests so perfectly demonstrated.



Pippa wore the same earrings on her wedding day as she did when she was Kate’s bridesmaid in 2011. We all know the ‘something old’ requirement, but tying in objects that have familial meaning and that can be passed on to your children on their wedding day adds that special touch.


Mix-matched Groomsmen Wear

Whilst the Middleton and Matthews men stayed very traditional with their tails, tie pins, and double breasted waist coats, they injected it with what is sure to become a popular trend. Balancing the traditional morning suits with pops of contrasting colours such as orange ties and baby blue satin waistcoats, with different groomsmen wearing different colours.


Family Involvement

More and more couples are embracing multi-generational family involvement in their big days. While there is a draw to involve your uni friends, there is a traditional and loving quality of opting to build your wedding party from family alone. Whether it’s your sister as Maid of Honour, or your adorable 5 year old second cousin, it’s good to keep it in the family!


Planning your wedding?

While all these trends are undoubtedly wonderful and very welcome, it can be easy to assume it would be too pricey or stressful to try and re-create for yourself. But fear not! Bridebook.co.uk, the UK’s #1 wedding planning app and website, have all of the wedding planning tools you need to ensure you can plan your wedding without the stress, and without the price tag!