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The gift list innovators, Patchwork removes the stigma of asking for cash.” ELLE.

Patchwork Wedding Registry art fund

Who are Patchwork?

Patchwork is a global platform that lets friends contribute cash, time and skills towards a group gift or event. You can use Patchwork to organise all sorts of celebratory occasions from weddings and baby showers to surprise birthday parties. 

You can use the platform to collectively fund all kinds of unique gifts and experiences, from honeymoons to handbags, campervans to cookery classes and bikes to beehives.

Common ways to use the Patchwork platform:

As a Wedding Gift Registry:

Patchwork allows couples to create an alternative wedding gift registry to allow your guests to collectively fund and chip in towards that one gift you really want. Whether it’s a piece of art or a weekend in Paris, with Patchwork wedding guests come together to fund one big gift – piece by piece. 

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Patchwork unique wedding registry art fund

As a Honeymoon Fund:

Patchwork enables couples to show wedding guests their dream honeymoon as a collection of images. So friends and family can choose which part of the trip to treat them to – £200 for a night in a hotel, £50 for dinner or £5 for beers on the beach.

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To ask friends to help make and do:

Patchwork is used by thousands of couples planning DIY weddings:

  1. The organiser sets up a Patchwork to show all the things they need help to fund, make or do (from buying beer to making cakes, doing the decorations or promising to DJ)
  2. Then everyone chooses whether to contribute cash, time or skills to help make it happen.

Why use Patchwork?

With customisable templates and gorgeous image gallery, it’s easy to set up your Patchwork gift page and the Pinterest-style layout and mobile friendly shopping experience makes it easy and fun for friends to contribute too.

100,000 people (and counting) already love and trust Patchwork. Here’s why:

  • Your friends can give you money (or contribute their time, or their skills) and feel great about doing it.
  • We don’t try to sell you anything. You can spend the money you receive when, where and how you like.
  • You can collect funds in any currency from friends and family wherever they are in the world.
Patchwork Maldives honeymoon fund

Why Patchwork is so unique?

Fund, make, do

Patchwork is the only gift list in the world that lets people register not just things they want friends and family to fund but also things people can make and do. 

For example, a couple using Patchwork as a honeymoon fund can ask friends and family to treat them to a night in an Airbnb for £100 or pay for a coconut on the beach for £1. But they can also ask people to make them a travel playlist as a present, lend them a rucksack, teach them some Spanish or drive them to the airport. 

Collect gift money direct

Patchwork is independent of all retailers and so it’s entirely flexible. Patchwork also doesn’t hold customer funds. Instead the creator of a patchwork receives cash gifts (in their chosen currency) directly via PayPal or Stripe so they can pay for gift items or experiences when, where and how they like.

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