Harrods' 6 Gifts You'd Never Think Of Adding To Your List

Now, we love a practical gift list just as much as the next person, but sometimes you can’t help but throw in one or two indulgent pieces. Harrods’ Gift Bureau is helping us all out by giving some seriously swoon-worthy gift ideas that will completely transform your wedding gift list from ‘the usual’ to ‘the extraordinary’. And who knows, maybe you have a long lost uncle who just needs an excuse to splash some cash on you…

Christofle Mood Cutlery Egg

This is a more modern and functional way for the style conscious couple to store their cutlery. More and more young couples are steering away from the classic wooden casket and opting for this fun and functional piece that will last you a lifetime. Price from £750.

bridebook.co.uk christofle cutlery egg


Fornasseti Plates

Again, the younger generation getting married is stepping away from the traditional floral china and starting to collect and add unique pieces that really reflect their personality and style. Fornasseti is a great example of this, perfect for the quirky couple. Plates from £115.

bridebook.co.uk fornasetti plates

Lorenzo Quinn Artwork

Art work is now becoming an even more popular gift that will continue to hold value and be a joy to own throughout your marriage for years to come. The gorgeous sculptural pieces from Lorenzo Quinn are continuously popular. With prices starting at £1,500 upwards, you can always have family and friends contribute together to buy pieces like these.

bridebook.co.uk lorenzo quin finding love sculpture


Jura Smart Connect Coffee Machine

This is the most functional and unusual item on the list, but the top quality coffee machines by Jura have truly revolutionised the way you can drink your tea and coffee. With the Z6 Carbon machine one can make coffee while sitting on the sofa or in bed using your smart phone. An amazing and fun piece especially on a lazy Sunday! And don’t forget the smart kettle so that you can boil your cuppa before you get home and create the temperature you wish to keep it at. From £99.95.

bridebook.co.uk jura smart coffee machine

Gold Bullion

The Harrods Bank and Gold Bullion, located next to our Gift Bureau, have these gorgeous small gold pieces and unique collectables that would add real character to your gift list. Again, this is a piece to have and hold forever and would be a perfect future heirloom.

bridebook.co.uk- harrods gold bullions

 Abercrombie & Kent Honeymoon

This is an increasingly popular gift, and rightly so! It allows family and friends to contribute towards your honeymoon of a lifetime, organised by Harrods partners Abercrombie and Kent. Tailoring the most amazing and unusual vacations you can think of, perfectly tailored to you as a couple.

bridebook.co.uk- abercrombie and kent honeymoon

Dying to get your hands on some of these items? Check out the Gift Bureau at Harrods in store or online here!

Happy Planning! For more gift inspiration have a read of The Wedding Shop’s ultimate gift guide here.