Introduction: 9 Reasons You Should Hire A Make-Up Artist For Your Wedding bride checking her make up in the mirror
By Kristian Leven Photography

You have bought the perfect wedding dress,  booked the ideal venue and coordinated the best seating plan. You’re planning the party of the century but don’t forget about yourself. Your wedding day is probably the only time you will have a professional make-up artist pampering you and making you feel incredible. If you are still undecided, here are our top reasons for booking a make-up artist for your wedding day: bridal accessories on the side and bride having her make up done at the forefront
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1) Look after your skin

A make-up artist will work out your skin type in seconds and advise you on steps you should take to avoid dry skin, oily skin or an unexpected breakout on your wedding day. Following their expert advice will give you one less thing to worry about! But there’s always a thing called ‘cover-up’ so don’t worry too much. bride smiling under her veil
By Ross Harvey

2) Highlight your best bits

A properly trained artist will know how to highlight your best features, whether it’s your flawless skin, high cheekbones, kissable lips or sparkling eyes. They will also know how to hide any features that you aren’t as keen on. Whatever happens, you’re going to look hot to trot so just let the make-up artist work their magic. bride having her make up done by artist
By Allister Freeman

3) Magic touches

Professionally done wedding make-up will guarantee you looking beautiful under any light, whether it’s outdoor sunshine, evening candlelight or flashing photography. So you can smile knowing that there is no risk of the dreaded ghost face or sweaty-looking skin. bride having her hair done and drinking champagne
By Richard Skins Photography

4) It’s not a day for everyday makeup

While you may be great at applying your everyday make-up, you are going to want something special for your wedding day. A makeup artist also knows how make-up will look in black and white photography, and can adjust accordingly. As adorable as the panda look is, it isn’t one you want to be sporting on your wedding day – unless you’re a panda. bride and father sharing a kiss on the cheek
By Raw Silk Photography

5) No bronzer lines here

On your wedding day all eyes will be on you, so you want to make sure that you are not washed out by your white dress and that your shoulders, face and décolletage are all the same colour! A make-up artist will blend the colours seamlessly and make sure that your gorgeousness can withstand tears, hugs, sweat and anything else your wedding day throws at you. bride applying lipstick as bridesmaids hold up a mirror
By Allister Freeman

6) Health and safety

With a hired make-up artist, you will not be at risk of getting an unexpected allergy on your wedding day. They will know which ingredients could irritate the skin – phew. wedding makeup selection
By Cinzia Bruschini

7) Relax

They will be exactly what you need on the morning of your wedding day – so just sit back and relax while they pamper you. This will be a moment to yourself before getting married! And if you are feeling a tad nervous, then it’s a good thing you won’t have that liquid eyeliner in your hand. bride reflected in the mirror having her makeup done with the dress hanging up in front of her
By David Pullum Photography

8) No odd one out

As well as pampering you, an artist can create a unique, yet universal look for your bridesmaids, so that you won’t have anyone battling for black lipstick or electric-blue eye shadow. bride in her dress as bridesmaid looks on smiling
By John Lennie

9) Take the hit

Think about your budget! Hiring a make-up artist may seem like an “extra” expense, however, if you pay for a lesson and then buy all the make-up on top of that (that you probably won’t use again), in an attempt to do DIY make-up, then it may well be cheaper to hire an artist. And on the morning of your wedding, you are going to be glad you listened to us. makeup makeup case and vintage radio
By Weddings Vintage

We hope this advice has been helpful and know you will look flawless (whether you hire a make-up artist or do it yourself) on your wedding day and in your photographs for years to come.

Happy Planning!

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