5 Best Wedding Planning Apps

Technology is supposed to help solve our problems, but, if you’re planning a wedding, it can feel like the internet has only added to your woes — nowadays, your hair and makeup have to be Instagram-perfect for the big day, you’ve got to nail the captions of your social media snaps and you even have to consider whether a dedicated wedding hashtag is really necessary (spoiler: it’s not).

But it’s not all bad news: some kind souls have taken pity on the modern couple, and developed these brilliant apps help you plan your perfect day:


Fat Llama

fat lama borrow almost anything

If you just have to have some item on the big day, but a) it’s so obscure you have no idea where you’re going to find it, or b) it’s so expensive that you can’t justify buying it for use on one day and one day only — there is an answer. Fat Llama is a platform where you can lend and borrow (almost) anything from people nearby, from classic cars to camera lenses, dancefloors to drones. And because you’re borrowing from other people, rental prices are substantially lower than the traditional hire houses’.

If you do cave and end up buying something that you’re certain never to use again? List it for rental on Fat Llama, and you could earn the money back.


Wed Pics

wedpics app

This app’s motto is “spend more time enjoying your memories and less time chasing them down” — amen to that. The sheer volume tipsy snapping occurring on the night will prevent you from ever being able to collect every precious, blurry memory yourself — but Wed Pics is the way to martial the troops. Simply create an account, and your guests can add to it with pics of the day as seen from their perspective.



bridebook app

How could we fail to mention Bridebook? The Bridebook app is your comprehensive wedding planning bible. It’s not only a directory of wedding venues (conveniently split by type, region, county and town) and wedding suppliers of all kinds (from music to marquees), but also a collection of essential planning tools. Use the guestlist feature to easily track RSPVs, the budgeting tool to manage your expenses and the checklist as a step-by-step countdown to the big day. Designed with busy modern couples in mind, the app allows you both to wedding plan on the go, simultaneously.



blurb app

You’ve pored over the pictures, weeded out anything risqué and finally chosen your favourites — now use handy app Blurb to design your own wedding album, which will then arrive on your doorstep. While you’re perfecting the design, you can share it online with family and friends to get their feedback (whether or not you choose to listen to it is optional).


Paperless Post

paperless post app

Spare yourself the suffering of licking hundreds of invitation envelopes (while, ahem, more importantly, saving the planet) with Paperless Post’s online invites. These are no ugly chain emails, however — a huge range of sleek designs are available, and they’re also fully customisable to fit to your personal preference.


Happy Planning Appers!