Pre-Wedding Date Nights

Last updated: 30th May 2022

While wedding planning, you can sometimes get so wrapped up with all the celebrations and organising, down time with your significant other is often the last thing on your mind. Here at Bridebook we believe its crucial to have regular pre-wedding date nights.  While they don’t have to be fancy, it is important that they are just about the two of you!  Take a read of our top 5 pre-wedding date ideas: couple kissing

1. Wine tasting evening:  Have a look to  see if  any of your local wine store holds a tasting evening. Choose a day that works for both of you and go have fun! If wine isn’t your thing, check out chocolate or cheese shops too. 

2. Gourmet picnic: Cruise the supermarket aisles and load your trolley with all the delicacies you can find. Now head to the most romantic spot in town – away from all the stresses of finding the perfect dress and choosing your dream venue.

3. Plan to have breakfast together: Life is busy… we get that! Try setting your alarm half an hour earlier and plan to have breakfast together. Too busy for an eggs on toast moment? Meet for coffee together once a week instead. 

4. Take a class together: Discovering something new together can  add that extra spark to your relationship. Whether its  learning  a new language or taking a cooking class – go and enjoy the time you’re spending together. 

5. Mini getaway: Even if its less than a mile away from your own bed, choose a hotel and get away for the night– just the two of you! Have a wander around the local shops,  go for a long walk or try a new place for dinner. Sometimes a small getaway is just what you need!



Happy Dating!