Results are in from the Wedding Report 2017

Last updated: 5th Mar 2019

We analysed survey results from nearly 4,000 couples across the UK and found that the average total wedding costs have reached a new high of £26,989.  However, whilst supplier costs are increasing, today’s couples are continually finding new and different ways to save on their weddings.

This year, we’re seeing fewer couples going to the chapel as more couples are holding their ceremony at their venue…which is likely to be a Country/Manor House, the most popular venue type.  When choosing a venue, couples are swayed by stunning views/grounds and friendly staff.  Venue managers, take note – couples want beautiful backdrops for their photos!

Venue and catering top the list for supplier costs at £5,819 and £4,747 respectively.  With wedding dress, photographer, videography and rings costing upwards of £1,000 each, the wedding budget can max out quickly.  But does the average UK couple actually pay this much?  The answer is…a reassuring “No!” (You can breath a sigh of relief now.)

 From hiring lower-cost DJs to  homemade cake, couples are finding ways to save in all aspects of their wedding.  Interestingly, almost half of couples are booking weddings on a weekday other than Saturday which can lead to significant price reductions from various wedding day suppliers.  

Considering these savings, today’s couple spends an average of £16,842. Want to save even more? Consider getting married in Scotland where the average wedding spend is only £13,683…and avoid expensive London where average wedding spend is £25,450, almost ten grand higher than the national average.

When it comes to wedding planning, mum’s opinion actually counts.  While couples enjoy reading reviews (7.6 for each supplier) they lean on mum for her support with 42% couples reporting their mum to be heavily involved in planning.  Awwww.  (Or Yikes!) They also enjoy visiting wedding fairs, with more than half of couples attending fairs near their homes.  

Couples identify the most difficult aspects of wedding planning as managing the guest list, managing the budget and knowing what to do next. to the rescue!  With’s free Supplier DirectoryGuestlist, Budget and Checklist tools, and the newly released iOS app, next year’s couples should find wedding planning a breeze.


For more detail of this year’s wedding trends and spending habits, view or download the the complete slideshow report.

Happy Planning!