How to Plan a Boho Wedding

There are no set rules for arranging a boho wedding, it comes down to personal taste. But here are our best tips for pulling off the ultimate boho wedding.

Boho Wedding

There are few themes that are as vague in style as the Boho wedding theme. It’s vagueness is due to the whimsical nature of bohemian styles and can incorporate elements of many other wedding themes, such as barn and beach weddings. There are no set rules for arranging a boho wedding. It comes down to personal taste. If you are hoping to have a more relaxed wedding, a boho-themed wedding could be the choice for you. Although there are no rules as such, we have put together some guidelines that will help you to create the boho feel for your wedding. Starting with….


Nature is a big part of the Boho theme. The more natural….the better. You don’t need to have your wedding outdoors(although you can if you want) but try to incorporate elements of the outdoors into the day. This could be done by encouraging your guests to spend time outside during the wedding. Something to draw guests outside(such as a small log fire) will allow your guests to casually flow between outdoors and indoors as they chat.

Relaxed feel

A boho wedding should create a very relaxed, laid-back atmosphere for your guests. Much of the work of creating this feel can be achieved through your decoration choices as mentioned below. To make sure your guests are aware of the theme and don’t turn up in ball gowns and top hats, mention the casual nature of your wedding on your invites to give your guests a heads-up.

Mismatching and DIY

The beauty of the boho wedding is the fact that the style is mixed and you can choose multiple items of differing styles and still end up with something that looks good. Just be careful not to go overboard with this. Too much mismatching can end up looking like an unconsidered junk shop. Check Pinterest for some inspiration.

Mismatching not only looks good, it can also be cheap if you use things that you already own. For example, you could use mismatched plates and tableware(possibly borrowing some from friends and family). There is also the option to create your own decorations(there are plenty of guides on Pinterest) which is a cheap but effective way to add a relaxed feel to your wedding.

Due to the many variations of bohemian styles there are, it is easy to combine them all and end up with something messy rather than mismatched. Try to find one specific version of the boho style you like and stick to it.

Communal features

Another excellent way to make your guests feel relaxed is to add communal aspects to your day. With many weddings being formal and guests only really talking to the people at their table, you have the opportunity to loosen everybody up by turning this on its head. A great place to start is to switch up the table layout. Think about doing a single long banquet table to give a more rustic feel, or go totally boho and just lay rugs on the ground and let everybody eat on the floor……with plates. “Sharing platters” placed in the middle of tables is also a good way to get people interacting.

Other communal features you can easily add are things like a lemonade bar that guests can casually visit and pour themselves a glass of real lemonade.

Wild flowers

If you look up boho wedding on Pinterest, you will probably see a lot of wild flowers. If you want to create a natural look, nothing says it better than wild flowers. You want it to look like you have picked them straight out the ground. You have the option to pick them yourself but will probably get a better result by hiring a florist. Wild flowers may look simple, but choosing the correct flower combinations is harder than it looks and you will benefit greatly from using a florist.

Bistro lights, candles & lanterns

To add that ‘dreamy’ dimension to your wedding, lights are a great way to go. Bistro lights(the chunky lightbulb type) are a good option for outdoor lighting. Fairy lights are a cheaper option which can be used outside and inside. Candles can add a natural/romantic lighting to your tables(empty jars make great boho candle holders). Lanterns are also good if you want to add larger decorations at doorways etc.

Naked cakes

Icing brings a little too much finesse. Instead, go for a classic sponge cake with rustic fruits and icing sugar. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit wobbly…..just makes it look more boho.

Blankets & cushions

Sitting on the floor is a popular idea at boho weddings and it definitely does add to the relaxed feel. You could lay out cushions at a specific section of your venue and encourage your guests to enjoy drinks there, or alternatively provide blankets for your guests to take outside(picnic by day……star-gazing by night!).


Boho dresses come in many varieties. Think light and floaty. Avoid traditional heavy dresses with long trains. Instead, swap them for vintage chic or lace, coupling them with decorative flats or small heels. Likewise for the bridesmaids, keep it simple and embrace mismatching. Every bridesmaid is welcome to choose their own dress which makes it easier to find dresses that suit them.

Hair & makeup

Both hair and makeup should also be kept simple where possible. Some examples of boho hairstyles are beach style, messy up-dos or pleats. Makeup should not be too heavy and should be kept to look natural wherever possible.

So to sum up, if you are trying to establish a Boho theme, stick to the following rules:

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it natural
  • Image by Katherine Joy