Alternatives To Walking Down The Aisle

Last updated: 30th May 2022 bride walking down aisle


Both Take A Turn

Why not let the groom have his special moment too? Change it up and let your man walk down the aisle first, followed by the bridal party. This will work particularly well with same-sex couples as you can both have your limelight without the other feeling left out.


Meet In The Middle

Get rid of the traditional aisle walk idea and have you and your partner walk from separate sides during the ceremony and meet together at the altar. It will surprise your guests, and what a unique way it will be to start the rest of your life together!


Have Two Aisles

Why only have one aisle in your ceremony? This is the most important day of your life! Be spectacular by creating a bride aisle and a groom aisle. You could also mix up where your guests sit so that the two families can be united as one.


Go Solo

If your family is complicated and you can’t decide on who to walk you down the aisle…do it alone! Not only will it be a statement move to start your wedding, but it will be something everyone talks about for weeks to come!


Take The Trip Together

Why not let your spouse be the one who gets to walk you down the aisle? It will be one of the most precious moments of your lives and something to talk about when the wedding photos come out on your anniversary!


360° Ceremony

Eradicate the tradition altogether and sit your guests in a circular fashion around the action. You and your husband-to-be can walk through the crowd from different sides and meet in the centre, ready for your vows. Not only will it be a memorable experience for all involved, but your guests won’t have to peer above 10 rows of heads to see the newlyweds!


Happy Planning!