6 Marriage Proposal Mistakes to Avoid

Last updated: 30th May 2022

Valentines Day is just around the corner and for those of you that have been a couple for a few years and are at a certain stage in their life… this could be the day your partner pops the question!   If you’re cringing at the thought,  turn away now! But if you are planning to propose on or around this special day…here are some common mistakes to avoid. 

Bridebook.co.uk Proposal mistakes
Photo by Pippa Mackenzie


Hiding the ring in your food

Try to ignore this cliche proposal if you can, and if you really can’t resist …make sure to have some distance between the ring and the food. Not sure about you, but I see no appeal in picking my engagement ring out of a lemon mousse. 

Flash mobs are a no, no! 

For the average bride-to-be, having a bunch strangers dancing around for you in a public place sounds more like a nightmare than a romantic gesture.  Be sure to stay away from this unless you know for sure thats what she would want. 

The go to bunch of red roses

If your partner loves red roses then by all means! We  find that a thought through bouquet with her favourite flowers will  go down a lot better than the go-to bouquet of red roses.

Don’t just think about what you want

Don’t get too carried away with planning the proposal around only what you like! Remember this act is for the both of you! So if you’re considering proposing at a rugby match or dinner at your favourite pub, make sure it’s just as special for her as it is for you.

Try not to over-plan the proposal.

We understand that nowadays there is an awful lot of pressure on making sure your proposal is “insta-worthy”. But don’t let that bother you, sometimes even the simplest of proposals can mean far more than a planned-to-the-tee affair. 

Don’t put her off the scent (too much!) 

Don’t be one of those proposers was so preoccupied with keeping it a surprise that they go overboard and end up just p***ing off their partner!  A subtle nice romantic dinner and a movie is far less suspicious and far less likely to get you into trouble.

Happy Proposing!