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New Age Media
Holyport, Berkshire
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Hi I'm Aaron, a Videographer from Berkshire. I have worked on many video projects over the last 10+ years but none more than weddings. I live and breathe wedding videos and can work with any couple to bring their dream wedding video to life.
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  • From £699
Memorable Day Films
Ealing, Greater London
50+ Weddings Shot8 Sample Videos
At Memorable Day Films, we produce cinematic style wedding films telling the story of your special day; the people, the fun and the emotions. We are highly experienced wedding videographers.
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  • From £1,200
Omorfi pictures wedding film
Maidenhead, Berkshire
Bridebook Deal Available50+ Weddings Shot
Omorfi pictures wedding film Berkshire, Making your special day, a lifelong memory. At Omorfi pictures, we pride ourselves on knowing that this is the only moving record of your wonderful day. It's all about the both of you and less about us. We listen to your utmost desires and try and turn that into something you will keep and cherish for the entirety of your marriage, offering you happiness in times of troubles and a reminder of your love.
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  • £850 - £1,000
Dream Team Films
Crowthorne, Berkshire
10-30 Weddings Shot13 Sample Videos
Dream Team Films provides natural, artistic wedding films, mostly keeping out of your way with an intent to capture real emotion whilst allowing you to enjoy your wedding to the full. Bradley takes his time editing on Da Vinci resolve, a platform used by many feature films, to provide a cinematic colourful style to make wedding videos that are really built to last generations.
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  • £2,000 - £4,000
Tudor Rose Wedding Video
Ascot, Berkshire
30-50 Weddings Shot
Personal and professional wedding film services. Unobtrusive filming with highlight edits and film teasers available. Natural sounds and your choice of music. Your wedding film reflects your day.
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  • From £750
Berkshire Wedding Videos
Bracknell, Berkshire
50+ Weddings Shot
Natural wedding videos that capture the day as it unfolds, with no posing and with as little impact on you and your guests as possible.
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  • From £499
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Is Berkshire a place that has lots of experienced wedding videographers?

Berkshire is indeed a place that boasts a considerable number of experienced wedding videographers. With its picturesque landscapes, historic venues, and vibrant wedding industry, Berkshire attracts talented professionals who specialize in capturing the magic of weddings through videography. Whether you're seeking a traditional or contemporary style, you'll find videographers in Berkshire with extensive experience and skill in creating beautiful wedding films.

Do wedding videographers in Berkshire have a portfolio or online gallery we can review?

Wedding videographers in Berkshire typically maintain a portfolio or an online gallery showcasing their previous work. This allows couples to review their style, creativity, and overall quality before making a decision. These portfolios often include highlights from different weddings, showcasing their ability to capture emotions, key moments, and the overall atmosphere of the day. Reviewing their portfolios or online galleries can provide you with valuable insights into their work and help you determine if their style aligns with your vision for your wedding film.

What is a popular wedding videography style in Berkshire?

One popular wedding videography style in Berkshire is the cinematic or storytelling approach. This style focuses on creating a narrative that encapsulates the essence of the couple's love story and wedding day. It involves capturing emotionally charged moments, using creative angles, incorporating cinematic techniques, and editing the footage to create a visually stunning and engaging film. The cinematic style allows for a more artistic and dramatic interpretation of the wedding, often evoking powerful emotions and producing a timeless and enchanting final product.

What is the cancellation policy for wedding videographers in Berkshire in case our wedding date changes or we need to cancel our booking?

The cancellation policies for wedding videographers in Berkshire may vary depending on the individual professional or company. However, many videographers have established cancellation policies to address unforeseen circumstances or changes to the wedding date. It is crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in the contract before booking. Some policies may allow for rescheduling without incurring additional fees or provide a partial refund if the cancellation occurs within a specific timeframe. It is advisable to have open communication with the videographer to discuss any potential changes and understand the specific cancellation policy they offer.

Are we able to see the raw or unedited footage from wedding photographers in Berkshire?

The availability of raw or unedited footage from wedding videographers in Berkshire can vary based on the preferences of the videographer or the package you select. Some videographers may offer the option to include raw footage as part of their package or provide it as an add-on service. Raw footage typically consists of unedited clips captured throughout the wedding day, showcasing all the recorded moments. However, it's important to note that not all videographers may offer this option, as they specialize in crafting a final edited film that tells a cohesive story. Discuss your specific requirements and preferences with the videographer to understand if raw footage is available and what the associated terms may be.

Do wedding videographers in Berkshire have microphones to help record the speeches and vows?

Yes, wedding videographers in Berkshire often come equipped with high-quality microphones to ensure clear audio recording during speeches and vows. Recording these moments with clarity and precision is crucial for capturing the emotions and sentiments shared during the wedding ceremony and reception. Professional videographers understand the importance of crystal-clear sound and use various techniques and equipment, including wireless microphones, lapel mics, or shotgun microphones, to ensure that the speeches and vows are recorded without any distortion or interference. This attention to audio quality helps in creating a wedding film that not only looks stunning but also sounds impeccable, allowing you to relive those heartfelt moments for years to come.