Wedding Venues in Chester

Chester is a historic city located in the northwest of England, known for its well-preserved Roman walls, medieval cathedral, and charming half-timbered buildings. There are many wedding venues in Chester to choose from, each offering a unique and special setting for your special day. Read moreSome popular venues in Chester include grand country houses, elegant stately homes, and luxurious hotels. These venues often feature beautiful gardens, historic architecture, and luxurious interiors that make for a stunning backdrop to your special day. Additionally, Chester's historic city center offers a unique and romantic setting for a wedding ceremony with its historic walls, charming streets and beautiful architecture. Chester also has options for outdoor weddings with some venues providing access to lovely gardens and green spaces.
Old Palace Chester
Chester, Cheshire
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With its remarkable history, unrivalled riverside location and modern luxury throughout, there’s no other wedding venue in Cheshire like Old Palace Chester.
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  • 150
  • 22 Bedrooms
  • £2,400 - £6,500
Oddfellows Chester
Chester, Cheshire
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We promise to make the most important day of your life as individual as you are. You'll have the entire gorgeous expanse of the first floor at Oddfellows exclusively.
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  • 63
  • 18 Bedrooms
  • £200 - £2,000
The Queen at Chester Hotel
Chester, Cheshire
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Queen Hotel, Chester has been hosting weddings for over 150 years, with spectacular hidden gardens, and magnificent ceremony rooms and banqueting suites; this is the perfect choice for your big day.
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  • 250
  • 221 Bedrooms
  • £495 - £995
Doubletree By Hilton Chester
Chester, Cheshire
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If you are looking for a stunning surroundings, elegance, and romance tied with spectacular banqueting, this unique hotel and spa venue that will ensure you have a magical and memorable event.
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  • 220
  • 219 Bedrooms
  • £6,000 - £7,600
The Chester Grosvenor
Chester, Cheshire
The award winning Chester Grosvenor combines breathtaking architecture with contemporary yet traditional interiors, steeped in history dating back to the 18th century.
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  • 250
  • 79 Bedrooms
  • P.O.A
Revolution Chester
Chester, Cheshire
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If your dream wedding reception is full of the best party vibes, premium cocktails, delicious party food and a packed dancefloor, then Revolution Chester is the venue for you!
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  • 100
  • Up to £500
ABode Chester
Chester, Cheshire
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With unparalleled views of England's oldest working racecourse, the contemporary ABode Chester offers a warm welcome in the heart of the city, complemented by stylish, sophisticated design.
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  • 50
  • 85 Bedrooms
  • From £4,000
Macdonald New Blossoms Hotel
Chester , Cheshire
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New Blossoms Hotel is a stylish hotel in the heart of the historic City of Chester. Our beautiful venue is perfect for couples looking for an intimate wedding day of up to 50 people.
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  • 50
  • 67 Bedrooms
  • Affordable (£)
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Are there any time restrictions on when a wedding reception must end in Chester?

Time restrictions on when a wedding reception must end in Chester may vary depending on the venue and the local regulations. Some venues may have strict end times for events, while others may be more flexible. It's important to check with the venue before booking to understand their policies and any restrictions they may have. Additionally, it's good to check with the local authorities in Chester, as they may have laws and regulations regarding noise and disturbance that could affect the end time of your reception. Some venues may have a specific time when the music and alcohol service must end, while others may have more lenient rules.

Can I get married at a barn wedding venue is Chester?

Yes, you can get married at a barn wedding venue in Chester. Many barn wedding venues in Chester offer a rustic and charming setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. These venues often feature exposed brick, wood beams, and natural lighting, which can create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Some barn wedding venues in Chester may also have outdoor space for your ceremony or can provide space for a tipi or marquee to be erected. These venues can also be versatile, catering to different styles and sizes of wedding, from intimate ceremonies to grand receptions.

Do wedding reception venues put restrictions on decorations or lighting in Chester?

Some venues may have strict policies in place regarding the type and placement of decorations, while others may be more flexible. Some venues may have specific rules about the use of candles, open flames, or fireworks. They also may have restrictions on hanging decorations from the ceiling, attaching decorations to walls, or using certain types of lighting. Additionally, some venues may have their own in-house decorating team and they may not allow external decorators, or they may have a preferred list of vendors that you need to choose from. It's best to discuss your decoration and lighting plans with the venue beforehand so that you can make sure they align with the venue's policies.

Which wedding venues in Chester offer on-site accommodation for wedding guests?

Many wedding venues in Chester offer on-site accommodations for wedding guests. Some popular venues that offer on-site accommodations include The Chester Grosvenor, this 5-star hotel offers luxurious guest rooms and suites for wedding guests, as well as a variety of event spaces for the ceremony and reception. You could also look at The Queen Hotel, The Chester Townhouse and The Mollington Banastre Hotel & Spa. Keep in mind that availability may change based on the date of your wedding, so it's best to check with individual venues to confirm their accommodations options.

Will my wedding venue in Chester include a separate dressing room for the bridal party?

Some venues may have a dedicated space for the bridal party to get ready, but it may not be included in the rental fee and may need to be rented separately. It's good to consider the comfort and privacy of the bridal party while getting ready, so it's best to ask the venue if they have separate dressing room or suites available, and if it's included in the package, or if it's something you need to hire separately.

Will my wedding venue provide a wet weather plan if my wedding is outside in Chester?

Many wedding venues in Chester will have a wet weather plan in place for outdoor weddings in case of inclement weather. It's important to check with the venue before booking to understand their policies and any restrictions they may have. Some venues may have an indoor space that can be used as a backup plan in case of rain, while others may have tents or other structures that can be set up to provide shelter. It's best to have a contingency plan in place in case of inclement weather, so that you can still have your wedding as planned, or with minimal disruptions. It's also good to discuss with your wedding planner or venue coordinator about the plan for wet weather, as they may have experience in dealing with such situations.