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In Glasgow, you'll experience something special. Finding and hiring wedding florists here ensures your celebration is blooming with vibrant flowers, making your day even more beautiful and memorable. Read moreWhen planning our special day in Glasgow, you can find the best wedding florists in Glasgow to create the most beautiful floral arrangements for your big day.
Glasgow, Glasgow City
50+ Weddings Decorated
No matter the size or the style of the wedding, this florist can cater to all your floral needs!
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  • From £45
Blooming Mad
Glasgow, Glasgow City
Creating beautiful, modern fresh floral arrangements for your special day
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  • Affordable (£)
Cherry Blossom
Bearsden, Glasgow City
Award winning wedding and event florist business, providing that "personal touch" for your wedding or event and delivering consistency and excellence in all aspects of our customer service.
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Do wedding florists in Glasgow offer any eco-friendly or sustainable floral options?

Yes, many wedding florists in Glasgow offer eco-friendly or sustainable floral options. These options can include locally sourced flowers, organic and biodegradable materials, and reusable floral arrangements. Some florists may also offer options for repurposing or recycling the flowers after the event to reduce waste.

How do wedding florists in Glasgow source your flowers, and do they have any relationships with local growers?

Wedding florists in Glasgow typically source their flowers from a variety of places, including local growers, wholesalers, and international suppliers. Many florists prioritize supporting local growers whenever possible to reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transportation. Some florists may have established relationships with specific local growers, which allows them to ensure the quality and freshness of their flowers.

Do wedding florists in Glasgow provide any floral arrangements for the wedding party, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, or corsages?

Yes, wedding florists in Glasgow typically provide floral arrangements for the wedding party, such as bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. These arrangements can be tailored to the specific preferences and style of the wedding party, and may include special touches like ribbons or other embellishments.

Can wedding florists in Glasgow work with us to create a floral design that meets any cultural or religious traditions?

Yes, wedding florists in Glasgow are usually able to work with couples to create floral designs that reflect their cultural or religious traditions. They may have experience working with a variety of traditions and can provide guidance on which flowers and arrangements are appropriate.

Are wedding florists in Glasgow able to handle any unexpected changes in the wedding timeline or schedule?

Yes, most wedding florists in Glasgow are experienced in handling unexpected changes to the wedding timeline or schedule. They will typically have contingency plans in place to ensure that the flowers are delivered and set up on time, even if there are last-minute changes or delays.

Will wedding florists in Glasgow have a portfolio of their past wedding work that we can view?

Yes, many wedding florists in Glasgow will have a portfolio of their past wedding work that couples can view. This can be a helpful way to get a sense of their style and the quality of their work before making a decision. Some florists may also have testimonials or reviews from past clients that can provide additional insight.