Top 7 Wedding Trends For 2017

Curious about what 2017 has in store for the wonderful world of weddings? Well, not to panic, because it’s here: Bridebook’s list of the Top 7 Wedding Trends you should expect to see in 2017.  And don’t forget, we’re not just trend spotters, but also problem solvers. We have all the wedding planning tools you’ll need in the run-up (better yet, they’re free!), as well as the UK’s #1 Wedding Planning App. We’re your new best friend – and thrilled to be so, too. wedding trends 2017


Original Forms of Transport

2017 will bring new and modern ways of arriving at your wedding. We’re talking speed boating, parachuting, rowing (check out the amazing boat photo by Lars May below!) or even paragliding down the aisle! Never mind the wind swept look, it will add a complete WOW factor to your big day. Not feeling brave enough? Get some encouragement from our “Flying Bride” article; yes, a bride that actually flew down the aisle being held up by 250 helium filled balloons (all thanks to The Molecule Show)! rowing boat transport flying bride


Blank Canvas Venues

This year, we’re saying ENOUGH to the hair-pulling vision-ruining frustration that can accompany short approved supplier lists and no blu-tack rules. Instead, couples are taking their wedding by the horns, and looking to fairly blank venues to be able to make their big day completely their own.  of the spreadsheet and hair-pulling nonsense that has been associated with wedding planning for so long. Instead, introduce yourself to the UK’s largest wedding venue directory, where you can find the perfect place for your big day – whether that’s a renovated farm or a disused pickle factory. bride and groom in front of white wall 

Dress Less Bride

Who says you have to wear a dress at your wedding? The “dress-less” bride is one of the hottest wedding trends that has continued on from 2016. Look no further than bridal companies, House of Ollichon and Yolan Cris who will kit you out head to toe with a completely unique look. modern bride


Half Day Weddings

If you have a half day wedding, you could save yourself a small fortune. Have fun getting inventive with your eating options and serve your guests high tea or brunch instead of a full-blown wedding breakfast. Your guests will still love the food you serve and love the experience, but you’ll have saved some cash that could go elsewhere. high tea wedding table set up


Dessert Wine 

Instead of the usual champagne toast,  serving dessert wine instead is actually much cheaper. Plus it has the extra benefit of being nice and sugary to get your guests all fired up for the dance floor! dessert wine toast


Sharing Plates

Continuing the wedding breakfast theme – sharing plates are another hot 2017 wedding trend.  They’ll create a great atmosphere around the table as your guests all share a meal together. It also allows your guests to be in control of their portion sizes. More roast potatoes for me, please! Top tip – make sure your table isn’t too cluttered with glassware, flowers or centerpieces to allow ample space for you and your fellow diners. the free online wedding planner


Virtual Reality – Film Your Wedding in 360

The rise of wedding videography has been well documented, and 2017 is going to see it get an upgrade. The Christmas present of choice, Virtual Reality, is set to be the next big thing. With VR videographers and apps soon to pour into the market you’re going to want to have your big day filmed in 360, so you can re-live your big day, anytime you like! Wedding videographer in field 

Happy Planning!