COVID 19: 5 tips for wedding venue teams working remotely

The UK is now in lockdown, which means we must work from home if we can. It is crucial to not let remote working affect your efficiency, team relationships or your physical and mental wellbeing. We have outlined 5 ‘best practices’ for effective and healthy remote working below.

1. Get set up on Slack (or similar)

Slack is an incredibly easy online team communication platform, designed to ease crowded inboxes and boost productive team work. You can get your team set up in a matter of minutes, for free. Slack allows you to create different topic channels, to support streamlined business management (we couldn’t live without it at Bridebook HQ!). 

To emphasise just how easy and effective Slack is, take a look at (and join) the UK Wedding Venues group we created recently. It is busy with 600+ members, all working from home, having invaluable discussions and supporting each other through these times.

2. Regular virtual check-ins with the team

Keeping up face to face (or screen to screen…) social communication is crucial to effective remote working. Ensure you are regularly checking in with your team, just as you usually would during the day. You could simply use FaceTime / Whatsapp video calls on your phone, or use a video conferencing platform such as Zoom / Google Hangouts on your computers.

Here at Bridebook HQ, we are having full team and freelancers virtual check-in at the end of every day, to ensure we stay connected with each other – as you can see below!


3.  Keep the positivity & morale high

It’s important to keep track of the positive things still happening around the world and in our daily lives. If your team is using a remote communication platform such as Slack, start a ‘positivity’ channel, where you can post things that lift each other’s spirits. If you don’t use Slack, you can simply use email, or perhaps make a Whatsapp group!

For example, we loved reading about these 10 Positive Updates on the Covid-19 Outbreak on the Good News Network. We are also sharing regular positive and fun posts in the ‘feel-good-fun’ channel of our UK Wedding Venues Slack group.

4. Declutter your workspace

Put the time into ensuring your home work space is a pleasing one – a tidy desk is a tidy mind. We will likely be away from our usual workplaces for some time, so we’d encourage you to do an online order for the items you need for an efficient home work space (e.g. laptop stand, keyboard, desk chair).

PS. If you are struggling with back aches after sitting at a dining table instead of your desk, we highly recommend purchasing a laptop stand, back support and/or orthopedic chair!

5. When work ends, close the computer

At the end of the day, close the laptop in order to maintain a healthy separation between work hours and your free time (we’re all guilty of it). This may be particularly difficult during these turbulent times, especially if your home doubles as your place of work! So instead, simply try and be aware of when you will be finishing your daily work tasks, and give your mind the time to relax.

We hope these best practices will help you and your team get through this unfamiliar period a little more smoothly. To further support you through this time, take a look at our 6 ways to look after your and your team’s mental health through lockdown. As always, please feel free to reach out to anyone in the Bridebook team if you have any questions. Stay strong!