Top 5 tips for having a 15 person wedding (or ceremini)

1. Make it all about you

Wedding couple at the Wookey Hole Caves wedding venue

While we know how frustrating some of the rules and guidelines are, the rule book has been torn up, so you’ve effectively got carte blanche! If you want to choose an outlandish theme or a controversial setting for your wedding, go for it.

Gone is the pressure to make it the classic wedding you always thought you might have. Everything about getting married right now is different, so embrace that and make it your own.

Personalise it with loads of photos of your relationship, write special vows, or ditch the typical wedding cake for a deluxe box of Krispy Kremes. Do whatever will make you happy.

2. Treat yourself

Beautiful jewellery from UKBride jewellers

Use the savings you would have spent on guests to splurge on things that you’ll remember forever.

Whether it’s a 10 course blow-out meal or a beautiful piece of jewellery, treat yourselves with the money you are saving.

3. Bring pets

Emma and Graham wedding with beautiful pets at The Tythe Barn Launton wedding venue

Pets don’t count in your 15 guests, so go crazy and bring all of your four-legged friends to the service.

Be creative with it and find ways to incorporate them, from your dog bringing your rings to goldfish bowls as the centerpiece.

Do make sure to check with your venue that this is OK with them first though!

The Donkey Sanctuary wedding venue with two beautiful wedding venues on either side of blackboard wedding sign

4. Find ways to incorporate your virtual guests

Faye and Adams Hughes virtual wedding

Sadly, there will be people who won’t be able to attend your wedding. Whether it’s friends and family abroad, vulnerable people shielding, or people who just don’t make your 15 VIPs.

Find ways to include those who can’t attend. iPads at the dinner table can be great to allow people to join via Zoom, while many venues are offering live streaming for the service itself. Look at incorporating family heirlooms to make it more personal. Use your Grandparents’ tableware to serve the meal or decorate the table with framed photos.

5. Prepare for a bigger party when this is all over

Many people celebrating and having fun at wedding ceremany

We know how gutting it is for these restrictions to have come in just as you were planning to make do with a 30-person wedding.

But remember, there’s no reason you can’t have a big blowout party once all this is over. People are going to be looking to celebrate and party with their nearest and dearest. So why not think about how your ceremany could be the social event of the year in 2021?!

People at outdoor wedding in beautiful ceremany

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