Submit a Real Wedding

Hamish Shephard
Last updated: 26th Jan 2023

We love to feature real weddings by photographers with free profile listings on!   Please review the details below on how to submit a wedding.  



Use the Photographers’ Real Wedding Form to submit a wedding, including:

1) Your Photography Business Details

2) 30-50 Photos (colour, non-watermarked, 72dpi, 1600 pixel width)

3) Wedding Details

4) Supplier List (minimum 5)

With regard to wedding style, we aim to publish a selection of culturally diverse weddings from across the UK, ranging in budget, venue type and style.  Couples especially love to see creative personal touches and unique DIY features.



At this time, we only accept real weddings submitted by photographers with free Bridebook profiles.  Once a professional photographer submits wedding photos, we will begin our review.  If your photographer has already submitted your wedding and has asked you to provide further details, you may fill in this Couples’ Real Wedding Form.  We will then match your answers with your Photographer’s.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What size should the photos be?

The photo requirements are a Shared Dropbox Link of 30-50 photos (non-watermarked colour images, maximum: 72 dpi, maximum: 1600 pixel width)  

How do I share a link on Dropbox?

If you haven’t already, install the Dropbox desktop app on your computer.  Press control on your keyboard and click the file at the same time (or right-click the file).  Select Copy Dropbox Link. The link will be copied to your clipboard and you can then paste it.  (If you prefer to use another file sharing service to submit your photos, please just let us know in the ‘additional info’ section below.)

You’ve requested colour photos, but will you publish my black and white photos?

We always prefer to publish colour images on Bridebook.  If black and white photos are part of the photographer’s artistic expression then we will consider them, however our preference is always for colour images.

I only have the name of the Venue, and no other suppliers. Should I submit the real wedding?

We only publish real weddings with supplier lists that include a minimum of 5 suppliers (preferably more).  If you don’t have a list of suppliers, please ask the couple for supplier details before you submit the wedding.

I’m a bride, can I submit my own wedding?

At this time we are only accepting real weddings submitted by professional photographers with free profiles on Bridebook.  As a couple, you can encourage your photographer to create a free profile on Bridebook and then ask them to submit your wedding. 

Can I submit a real wedding that took place outside of the UK?

Bridebook will only publish real weddings that took place in the UK.  Please do not submit a wedding that took place abroad.

How long will it take before my real wedding is published?

We typically require 4-6 weeks to review each wedding and follow-up with any additional detail requests.  When we’re ready to publish the wedding we will notify the Photographer and all parties involved to celebrate and share the link! 

Will you definitely publish my wedding if I submit it?

Bridebook aims to publish a variety of real weddings from around the UK.  However we reserve the right not to publish any wedding that is submitted, or to remove any wedding from  

I’ve got another question that’s not listed here. Who should I contact?

Email the real weddings team with any questions at [email protected].   Thank you!