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Marriage Gift List gift list example of John and Amy's wedding

Organising a wedding can be both exciting and stressful, so Marriage Gift List are here to make things that little bit easier by offering a helping hand. They give you easy access to pick and choose gifts from any online store. 

The choice is yours and it’s free to use! At Marriage Gift List, you are getting exactly what you ask for, at the price that you find, with no additional fees.

How does it work?

  1. Register – Sign up for free to start your personalised gift list.
  2. Create your gift list – Add gifts from any online store you’d like to create your dream wedding gift list.
  3. Share with guests – Share your unique gift list link with your guests
  4. Receive your gifts – Have your gifts delivered or receive them on your big day!

It really is that easy! Create your free gift list now!

Marriage Gift List, setting up the gift list example

Why choose Marriage Gift List?

  • Unlimited choices – you can add any gift from any online retailer you’d like for free!
  • Access to any online store
  • 100% free – no additional or hidden fees!
  • Get exactly what you ask for, at the price you find
  • Assign your own list manager to help guests
  • Fully customisable
  • Add experience days
  • Charity options
  • Add subscriptions
  • Guests can leave messages with a purchase
  • ‘Thank You’ manager (to help you send your ‘thank you’ cards)

With all these amazing features, check out Marriage Gift List now!

Marriage Gift List Tutorial Videos

Below are 2 quick tutorial videos to show you how simple and easy it is to use Marriage Gift List, ensuring the whole experience is stress-free for both you and your guests..

Getting started for couples:

How to purchase a gift:

So what are you waiting for? Create your free wedding gift list now!

A little about Marriage Gift List

How was Marriage Gift List started?

When Cameron Runcie, Marriage Gift List’s founder was planning his wedding with his partner, they tried multiple gift lists, but there wasn’t one that could offer the flexibility to pick exactly what they wanted at a fair price. 

Some gift lists forced guests to pay up to twice as much, and others just didn’t have the gifts that they wanted. 

So they built Marriage Gift List, where you are getting exactly what you ask for at the price that you find, with no additional fees.”

So how does Marriage Gift List make money? 

Marriage Gift List earn commissions on purchases made via their website links and these commission payments help them increase the functionality of the website and keep it free to use for couples and guests.

Marriage Gift List are a unique wedding gift list, offering unlimited choice of any gift from any online retailer for free!

Visit Marriage Gift List now!