How working with a celebrant is a win for wedding professionals.

Last updated: 5th Mar 2019
Couples now, more than ever, are choosing to turn their backs on ‘tradition’ and instead have their big day their way. So it should come as no surprise to wedding professionals that the ceremony, the most important part of the day, would also fall under the same millennial scrutiny.
The question is: is your venue or the services you provide ready to support a non-traditional and perhaps rather unusual ceremony experience?
Here to share her views and tips on how working with a celebrant is a win for wedding professionals is Jeanenne Powell. Jeanenne is a celebrant, assertiveness trainer and all round wedding enthusiast at Inner World Outer Life.
Jeanenne, over to you…


“Having the contacts to recommend others is good for potential business”


“Being inspired by TV wedding reality shows, and paying for the wedding day themselves, couples are less content to settle for having the same as others before them. Wanting a day as unique as possible, suppliers are being turned to for ideas to cater to the unique and truly memorable.

This is where celebrants officiating Celebrant Ceremonies come into their own. More and more couples are opting to wed with the alternative, symbolic wedding celebrations, and vow renewals.

Whatever your wedding industry specialty, having the contacts to recommend others is good for potential clients and business alike. If you find yourself working at a celebrant ceremony of any kind, and like what they do, take their details. If searching first off, meet in person, see if and how you can work well together to add value to the professional wedding experience each party provides.

Ideas on how working with a celebrant can complement what you do:



Giving the option for people to have Celebrant Ceremonies makes perfect sense whether you’re already licensed for marriages, not licensed or deciding whether to renew.  This is partly due to the legal side of the ceremony being done elsewhere, meaning that couples can truly make all aspects of the day their own.  For you, all the associated finances and restrictions of holding civil weddings on site do not apply.

Reception-only venues are really starting to take advantage of the option to hold ceremonies without needing a marriage license by simply setting aside space for the ceremony itself.


On other sites, offering visitors areas of the venue which would normally be off limits for ceremonies helps create a personalised experience. It also gives you a chance to gauge interest in the location before committing the time and money to licence it for marriages in the future.

If you boast a stunning outdoor location, make the most of it without the need to assemble a structure for the couple to get married underneath. Allow the uninterrupted scenery to provide the breathtaking backdrop to your clients’ celebration.

With bookings made so far in advance, and cancellations always a possibility, late bookings can be a dream come true for yourselves and enquiring spouses-to-be. However, popular dates could mean no registrar is available to attend which is where a Celebrant Ceremony can save the day,


With no legal aspect, the wedding can be as private as any other party event. No need for general public access at all.

Photographers and videographers:

Ask the celebrant if there are any specific personal touches happening within the celebration. This can add a further unusual, quirky or romantic twist to capture for the couple and show off your talents.

Wedding Planners:

Part of a wedding planner’s ability to reduce the couples stress levels is to know and offer alternatives. So for couples struggling to match the registrar’s availability with the venue’s, or just wanting something ‘a bit different’, suggesting the idea of a Celebrant Ceremony could be just the solution they are looking for.

Yes, the dress, venue, shoes, flowers and such are all important but don’t underestimate the importance of the actual ceremony.  For it’s here that the couple share their commitment to each other in front of those it matters to most – each other and their loved ones.”


For further tips and to discuss holding a Celebrant Ceremony at your wedding venue contact Jeannene at Inner World Outer Life at [email protected].

Last updated: 5th Mar 2019