Choosing Your Wedding Hairstylist - Questions to Ask

One of the more personal vendor bookings you are likely to make. Your wedding hairstylist is one of the first people you will see on your wedding day.

Wedding Hairstylist

One of the more personal vendor bookings you are likely to make. Your wedding hairstylist is one of the first people you will see on your wedding day, they will be up-close-and-personal and they are ultimately in charge of making your hair look good. That’s a big responsibility. This hair-do will last forever in photographs so they need to get it right.

We have set out the steps to take to make sure you choose the right person and the questions to ask to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Finding the right style

We’ve said it many times, but there is just no beating our Pinterest wedding planning technique. If you’re not on Pinterest, I suggest you make an account for your wedding as it can really help an immeasurable amount. Set it up now, thank me later. Once you’re in, you know what to do.

  • Search “[your hair length e.g. short/long][your theme] hairstyles”
  • Pin like crazy
  • Refine
  • You should now have your style
  • While you’re at it, might as well follow us at the same time(we’re nice, we’ll follow back)

    Once you have your style, this should help you filter out hairstylists in the next step.

    Finding a good stylist

    Time to move onto Google. I don’t need to teach you how to use Google so do some searches for wedding hairstylists in your local area and start browsing the various sites(another good option is looking through wedding directories).

    Filter out the “suitable” from the “unsuitable” by the following criteria:

    • Check their gallery. Do you like the hairstyles of their previous clients?
    • Is the price suitable for your budget?

    After doing this for 20-30 mins, you should have a decent list to choose from. Time to email!

    Send the following email

    “Hi there,

    I am contacting you to enquire whether you have any availability on the date of [your wedding date] to provide hair styling for my wedding day?

    If you are available, I would love to discuss it further.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards”

    And wait………………..

    …….keeeeep waiting……..

    Questions to ask

    Leave it a couple of days. Once you have a few replies, you can follow up with some questions. Here are a few we suggest:

    • What would the cost be for [outline the service you require]?
    • Do you offer a trial-run before the wedding? If so, should I bring my veil and accessories?
    • Have you worked with my hair-type before?*There are many hair-types in the world. Make sure the stylist has worked on yours before.
    • Do you work on location?*only ask this if you don’t want to go the salon on the day of your wedding.
    • If you are ill on the day of my wedding, do you have a backup option?

    It’s worth noting that some hairstylists also do makeup. It’s up to you if you want 1 person to do both(this can cut costs but can be more time consuming). It’s a good idea to ask your hairstylist if they know a good wedding make-up artist who they have worked with before.

    Once you have decided on your Hairstylist, it’s time to get creative with them. Remember that Pinterest board we made???? Send them the link to give them a solid idea of what you are looking for. You could spend a long time trying to describe it over the phone or in an email. A picture is much easier to grasp for any stylist.

    You’ve done it! The hard part is over, next you just need to look forward to your hair and makeup trial

    If you need more guidance, the Knot have put together a great little guide on how to work with your Hairstylist which is definitely worth a quick read.

    Next, you will be choosing your wedding makeup artist