Bridebook Business: Maximising Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Hamish Shephard
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What is it?

Word-of-mouth is very important for those working in the wedding industry. Be it positive reviews on a Bridebook profile page or a chat with someone who recently got married, any recommendations can prove extremely valuable. Brides-to-be trust those who have had experience working with a particular supplier and are likely to value their thoughts highly. This is a source of advertising that can easily be harnessed for free (just like Bridebook!). To profit from it, ensure that you nurture your relationship with the happy couples who recently got married.

Why use it?

Various sources indicate recommendations from friends and family are a factor in more than 40% of wedding bookings. This makes them more important than wedding magazines, wedding blogs and even social media. Those who recommend your company must have previously enjoyed their experience and were presumably were good customers. Their friends are likely to be similar- just the type of clients you want to attract!

How to use word of mouth advertising?

Anyone looking to exploit word of mouth advertising needs to get their previous brides to speak about them. Couples who recently got married can be some of your best brand ambassadors. Keeping in touch with them after the big day is absolutely crucial. Do not rely on chance to get couples to talk about you. Encourage them to do so by giving them reasons and incentives to look back on their wedding day with nostalgia. The ideas below will help you to maintain a good relationship with happy couples:

1) Send thank you notes

 Send couples a thank you note when they get back from their honeymoon. Try to personalise it with photos or key memories from their big day.

2) Give brides a gift after the wedding

If you can afford to, send your brides a thank you gift after the wedding. It can be small  such as a photo of them in a frame or a “Just Married” keyring.  It will give them something to remember you by and fill them with happy thoughts about their special day. It might also make them more inclined to help you at a future date.

3) Run a Real Wedding feature on your website

Post a featured real wedding  on your website a few weeks after a couple’s wedding. This will make the couple feel special, it may encourage them to share it with their friends and family, and it will also provide good publicity when other brides-to-be use your website.

4) Get in contact with couples on their anniversaries

Use anniversaries and special occasions as an excuse to get back into contact with couples. Send them personalised emails including photos which will bring back the emotions of their wedding day.

 5) Give brides incentives to refer friends to you

An incentive, such as “a free bottle of champagne” or a “free framed photo” for referring a customer will be an attractive offer.  Brides like free things and competitions just as much as Bridebook does!

 6) Ask for reviews on your website

 Ask couples politely to leave reviews on your website and Bridebook profile.  As a bonus, enter them into a prize draw for a bottle of champagne if they do.

7) And on social media too

If any client leaves a review on a social media, be sure to respond. If they had a fantastic day, say how delighted you are that they had such a good time.

 8) Negative reviews are not a cause for panic

Do not panic if you receive a negative review on social media. These can be turned round. Apologise and explain how you are remedying the issues that they mention. Offer them a free gift or some form of compensation. Brides who see this will be impressed that you are so proactive and may pay less attention to the negative review.

9) Write a newsletter

If you have the time and the resources, write a quarterly newsletter to keep your previous happy couples aware of developments in your business. This will make their wedding day seem fresh in their minds…and hopefully make them tell all their newly engaged friends about their experiences.

10) Use memorable anecdotes to your advantage

Be sure to tell interesting facts and memorable anecdotes to couples. They are likely to pass this information onto friends; in the long-run, this may well lead to more business leads.

Happy Chatting!

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