Bridebook Business: Self Promoting Your Wedding Business

Last updated: 5th Mar 2019

In order to succeed in the highly competitive wedding industry, it is important to attract regular attention that will increase your popularity. For many couples, experience and understanding equals professionalism, and self-promotion is one of the most effective methods to advertise this. 


Couples always want the best. Tell them why you are just that.


When organising their wedding, couples want nothing but the very best, often seeking recommendations through friends and family in order to find the most outstanding wedding venues and suppliers. In the absence of personal advice, however, couples will begin to search elsewhere. This is why it is important to build an excellent repertoire highlighting experience, expertise and professional knowledge.  


External confirmation, in any of its forms, not only gives couples a greater peace of mind but also helps boost business exposure. When buying a product, we all want that added sense of security, and to know that ‘it’ actually works as advertised. And the same thing goes when couples are deciding on their wedding team; if they can see real life reviews and official associates, they are much more likely to consider you!


Here are Bridebook Business’ Top Tips for Self Promotion:


Build your network and recommend fellow suppliers. 

If you have previous experience working alongside other suppliers, be sure to include this on your website and social media profiles, especially if they are an established name. This can help to offer reassurance to couples, as if they have the knowledge that things have gone smoothly before, they will be more encouraged to consider you as a potential wedding supplier. Constructing strong relationships with fellow suppliers is crucial to building out your network, which will almost certainly prove useful one day in the future.


Reviews & Testimonials From Past Clients

Having a valid and relevant set of client reviews can provide customers with an added sense of security and verifies that what you and your business offers, is genuine. The Wedding Report 2017 revealed that couples on average read 7.6 reviews before making a booking. It is the second most relied upon source of feedback (friends and family recommendation being the first) and is, therefore, invaluable to your business. Bridebook provides a space for couples, guests and family members to share their feedback following a wedding. You know you’ve done a good job, so be confident and ask your couples to share the reasons why. 


Social Media

Social media is now the most effective platform in order to successfully promote your business. No matter what your business size or status, never hesitate to tell the world about your skills and services. Sometimes it can just be about the basics and the more often you get your name out there, the greater your presence in the wedding industry will become. Signing up to the most popular social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will really help you to gradually increase your exposure, but it is important to find the most appropriate channel for your business. For example, Instagram is all about image sharing so may therefore be best utilised by photographers.  Venue suppliers on the other hand may find greater reward from maximising Facebook; where they can formulate longer posts, including information on location and available dates.



Wedding blogs are a particularly useful source for couples, helping with inspiration and also as a means to find valid recommendations; repetition fundamentally leading to familiarity. To begin with, conduct a detailed web search into the most popular online wedding blogs, and furthermore, wherever possible get in contact with ‘Real Weddings’ editors. Always remember however that it remains crucial when making a submission to tailor your wedding stories to each individual blog’s tone and style. If you show a willingness to comply with certain standards, there is a greater chance you will be chosen to feature.



Wedding awards can be organised locally, nationally and internationally, making them crucial (and fun) to get involved in where possible. Do your research and nominate yourself for those that are relevant to your business. To further increase votes make sure to ask all of your past clients for their support and also encourage them to mention the awards to their friends and family too. Don’t be shy! And of course, once you have been shortlisted, or if you are even lucky enough to win, be sure to showcase this sufficiently, including on your website and social media pages. Also, don’t forget about the yearly Bridebook awards, where finals are judged by both our team here, and also top wedding industry names. It really will help to bring a positive recognition to your brand!


Show off your credentials

When building a company profile, many professionals forget to include a list of previous credentials and accreditations. This is so important since it provides further information about your experience and expertise. When advertising work in the wedding industry, it is important to remember that you are selling services that are extremely competitive; therefore it is important to include elements that make you stand out. Simply list your relevant qualifications just like you would include them on a CV, mentioning your school, university and past employers to add validity.

Bridebook Business Handy Hints: To get things started, maybe take some of the comments from your website and social media platforms or even perhaps use feedback from past clients and add them to the Testimonials section in your Bridebook Business Account.


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Who can I contact for help?

For any questions about Bridebook Business or your free wedding business account on, email our friendly supplier success team at [email protected] who always want to hear from you.  We look forward to helping make 2017-2018 a fantastic year for your wedding business!