15 Fun Ideas To Spice Up Your Bridal Shower Plans

How you can make your bridal shower as memorable and enjoyable as the big day itself.

Planning a wedding is tricky business, but fortunately, Bridebook has you covered there!

However, with all of the focus on the big day, it can be easy to forget about the bridal shower. Deciding on activities can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. But fear not! We have some dazzling ideas that will suit your bridal shower, whatever the style of event you are planning.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of the top bridal shower games and ideas.

Take It Outside

Outdoor bridal shower

With recent world events, safety is on everyone’s mind. So why not take your bridal shower outside and enjoy some fresh air? This could be as simple as erecting a small gazebo outside and decorating it to match your theme. Think fairy lights, outside games and dancing to get everyone in the party spirit – along with some nibbles and your favourite tipple of course!

Let’s get quizzical

Grab your besties and get quizzical! Disney nerd? Happy couple trivia? The options are endless with this bridal shower game and is one for guaranteed laughs. Simply appoint your quiz master beforehand, and watch out for everyone’s competitive streak. Our tip? Ask your guests to compile a few questions each for some extra fun. Make sure to stock up on prizes for the lucky winners, oh, and don’t forget a boobie prize!

Photo booth props

Everyone loves a photo shoot. Grab some props, a camera, your gal pals and snap the night away! You could theme your outfit choices for some great group shots or even add in some fun photo challenges, such as recreating famous portraits (we’ve tried this one and trust us, it can get wild!).

Provide old school disposable cameras or a Polaroid for guests to get snap happy with. A wonderful bonus of this type of bridal shower is the vast array of picture memories you’ll have to look back on after the event.

Create a date jar

Gather your guests and give them the chance to come up with their very own date ideas for your first year of marriage. A jar of any sort, paper and pens is all that’s needed to start this fun idea. After the wedding, you can enjoy some entertaining (and maybe a few risqué) date nights courtesy of your best pals.

Over or under game

A classic bridal shower game! Find out how well the guests know the Bride in the lead up to the wedding. Use statements like, ‘The couple met 5 years ago’ and decide if the correct answer is higher or lower. You might be surprised by some of the answers.

DIY cocktail bar

Friends cheering with cocktails

Of course you could have a cocktail making session in your local bar, but why not bring the fun back to yours? Get guests talking by devising all sorts of wild and wacky concoctions all in the name of you! Incorporate some friendly competition with games, such as a blind tasting contest or ‘bride’s favourite cocktail’.

If you want to encourage some more sensible activities, you could work together to come up with a great tasting signature cocktail to be served on the wedding day itself. Don’t drink alcohol? Not a problem! Mocktails can be just as fun for the whole squad.

Whose memory game

This is a fun one and a fabulous icebreaker to use at the beginning of any bridal shower, particularly if you have guests coming that may not know each other. Get everyone to write down a memory they have of the Bride. After picking them from a jar, the bride reads them out to the group and guests can take turns guessing whose memory it is. Get ready for some funny and cringe worthy stories from the past!

Make a balloon arch

If you want a modern day team building experience, invite over the girls and get ready for a night of balloon arch making. You would be surprised how easy and satisfying it is to create some spectacular creations from balloons in your own home that can then be used as a superb photo backdrop.

For added bridal shower fun once the Prosecco starts to flow, you could try your hand a bit of balloon modelling too. Balloon dog anyone?!

Tea party theme

High tea with sandwiches and desserts served on china with flowers

Add some sophistication to your bridal shower by taking on a delightful tea party theme. Think tea and cake, finger sandwiches and scones served alongside beautiful china and rustic country style bunting.

Make flower crowns

A beautifully creative way to spend your bridal shower is by making your own flower crowns. Bring in an expert to coach you through the how tos or invest in some real or artificial flowers and wire and get crafting. We have even seen brides who are planning a festival style wedding create their own headpieces to wear for the special day itself.

Take a class

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to sew, or get funky by learning a new dance routine. You could even spend your shower learning the art of life drawing (gulp!) whatever you decide on, taking a class surrounded by your friends is always a sure fire hit.

He said she said

Another bridal shower classic! Find out who said ‘I love you’ first or who is the better driver by getting your party to guess which half of the couple it is. Get the maid of honour to come up with the questions so the bride has to answer along with the guests too.

Karaoke queens

Smiling woman singing karaoke and laughing friend

Sing the night away next to your nearest and dearest with a spot of karaoke. This bridal shower idea is the ultimate girls’ night and is guaranteed to have everyone singing along by the end of the night.

DIY origami decorations

Get together and create some beautiful decorations to be used on your special day. You could use techniques like origami, calligraphy or needlework to create some super special decorations, favours and place cards. Not only will you save time and money by creating your own, your wedding day will be filled with even more reminders of the lead up to your wedding.

Happy planning!

While it’s easy to see how planning a bridal shower can be a little overwhelming at the start of your planning journey, these ideas make it easy to see how fun, budget friendly and inclusive your bridal shower can be with a little forward planning.

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