9 of the Best Free Tools To Help Grow Your Wedding Business

Last updated: 12th Jan 2023

We all need a helping hand from time to time, especially in the wedding industry. Our days can be filled with endless emails, constant phone calls and running around like crazy people in-between. But, what is built from that hard work (and those long hours) is the understanding that we are all working together to make two people have the happiest day of their lives. (Not many people can say that they do that for a living can they?) 

So Bridebook Business is here to support and help you through the madness and today we’re sharing these 9 amazing tools that will help you: keep you up to date, on track and grow your wedding business (we definitely couldn’t get through the day without them).

Google Forms


Get Feedback. Set up a quick and easy feedback survey now for show rounds or meetings that don’t result in bookings. You will find out the reasons why you weren’t booked and this will revolutionise your business.

Rescue Time

Stay focused. Download this and you will receive a weekly email showing you where you have been spending your time but most importantly, where you have been wasting it. No more hiding.


Clear inbox. De-clutter your inbox (and your mind) with this auto-unsubscriber. It rids you of those unwanted newsletters and spam in a single click and keeps your emails relevant and informative.


Faster internet. With over 200 million downloads, and being the most popular Google Crome extension, this is a tech must. Never see an annoying advert again on the web or Youtube and instantly speed up your internet much faster.


Stop internal emails. Slack is WhatsApp for work. It allows you to connect with your team or fellow suppliers, both on desktop and app, in a quick and orderly way. Keep your inbox clear and focused for enquiries. We use Slack here at Bridebook. We have no internal emails and a much better communication system. 


Get things done. Weddings are all about teamwork and monday.com allows you to collaborate, delegate and work in sync on tasks that matter. Just like Bridebook’s Wedding Checklist which allows couples to do the same. 


Track your marketing. Bit.ly is a clever link shortener that provides free analytical insights into your marketing tactics. Sharing a link on social media? Use a bit.ly link and see exactly how many clicks it received and what time and from where


Make beautiful imagery. Who said you need a designer? Canva allows you to quickly and (very) easily create stunning designs and imagery yourself with easy drag-and-drop templates. Make your social media standout and shine! 
and finally, of course…

Bridebook Business

Grow your wedding business. Personalise your Bridebook Business Profile with the things you love about your business and let us market and showcase it to over 40,000 couples across the UK. Couples can search based on their location preference, budget and capacity, saving you time and making sure that the enquiries you receive are the most relevant to your business. And best of all? It’s free (and it’s brilliant – but we are a little biased). 
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