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Plane Castle is the perfect venue for weddings, whether you're looking for a small, intimate affair or a larger extravagant celebration. We have a passionate in-house wedding team, dedicated to turning your wedding dreams into reality. Steeped in medieval history and surrounded by beautiful gardens, it really is a stunning, fairy tale setting. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and truly believe that your wedding celebrations should reflect yourselves as both a couple and individuals. Our venue is hired as fully exclusive, so you can be assured that we will be wholly focussed on you and your big day. Our in-house catering team offer a range of options with something suited to everyone, whether it be classic hog roast banquet or a delicious, freshly prepared three course meal, from canapés to nibble on during the reception to evening buffets to soak up the booze, or even a full Scottish breakfast to cure the hangovers the next day... or anything in between! There is no point in us going on about it here, the castle really does speak for itself so please get in touch with us. We'd be delighted to show you around either in person or via video call, where we'll be happy to answer any queries you might have about your perfect wedding at Plane Castle.

Personal Message from the Manager

Name of Wedding Contact: Eliese
Hi, I'll start by saying that I truly LOVE my job - it is my utmost pleasure to facilitate dream weddings. I will be your on hand guide from the start of your journey with Plane Castle, from the initial showing around, throughout the duration of the planning, and of course on the day itself. I fully believe that it is YOUR wedding, and so you can tell me what you want and I will make it happen. I hope you will contact us to come and see for yourself the magical venue that is Plane Castle.


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Married in September 2021
September 2021
Amazing day at an amazing venue
We still cant stop talking about this place and our wedding. The castle itself is fun and comfortable but what really makes this place special is the staff. Our wedding was postponed due to the pandemic and stressful and disappointing as it was for us to have reschedule our wedding we know how many people Elise and Sonja were having to support and keep happy at the same time. With all this going on they couldnt have made us feel more welcome or our day so special. The food is amazing and nothing was too much trouble for this fairy tale castle. Thank you so much. We cant wait to come back again for our anniversaries:-)
Maid of Honour
Wedding: August 2021
August 2021
Beautiful venue, shame about Sonja
Plane castle is absolutely stunning and my friend’s wedding was beautiful. However, the event was marred by Sonja the next day. I was in my room the next day packing my belongings when Steve came in and said “oh sorry, I thought you were out” I replied with we were told 11 but would be out soon and he left. I thought that would be the end of it as I didn’t realise there was an issue at that point. However, a few minutes later, Sonja came into the room and asked if I was Leah, I confirmed I was and she proceeded to berate me for not yet being out the room. I said I was told 11, she argued it was definitely 10 and I said well if you just let me get on with packing, I’ll be out the way soon. This was my first interaction in person with Sonja. She came back not too long after and she was shaking with anger, got right up in my face and said shall I tell you why I’m really angry? Her major issue was that the wedding had brought in takeaway food from outside. When I repeatedly tried to say I believed there was a misunderstanding, she interrupted me, shouted and called me and the bride, groom, mother of the bride and father of the bride liars. I was merely a bridesmaid so had nothing to do with the organisation of the wedding but Sonja made it clear she was shouting at me because she didn’t want to shout at the bride the day after the wedding. I informed Sonja that the bride was in the next room and could in fact hear everything and Sonja’s response was “let her hear”. Sonja from the get go was aggressive, very in my face and very much shaking with visible anger, before I even knew there was an issue. As far as I was aware, we had until 11 and there was no issue with external food. We had a murder mystery the night before the wedding which the family helped us set up for which was takeaway food so I was unaware there were any grievances, especially as previous guests in their reviews have noted they brought food in from outside and the venue appeared to have no problem with that. My major issue, however, is not the fact there was a problem, it’s the fact that it was aired in such an aggressive manner. Sonja blockaded me in the room whilst demanding I leave and shouted at my dog for being in the room and not being downstairs. My dog was well behaved and quiet and dog’s were allowed in the rooms (supposedly dog friendly venue); I had no way to take him downstairs as she was so insistent that I pack and leave. When the bride left her room with some of her belongings, that’s when everything really kicked off. I was already feeling intimidated by Sonja but she then started shouting at the bride. I still believe there was no malice in any contract breaking, nor in the venue being upset about a contract being broken. However, I feel it is important to stress that the bride and groom never did receive a contract and they were going with what they had been told verbally and I was doing the same. I had organised a mini highland games for the bride’s hen do at the venue the previous weekend. Sonja was the person I was organising this with and when I confirmed we had 8 people attending, Sonja informed me that there was a minimum of 12 people needed for the games to go ahead and this was a week before the event. She had never once told me this previously and we came to an agreement that I would pay for 10 people, despite only the 8 attending. I will say, Steve ran the mini highland games and it was excellent. If my entire opinion of plane castle wasn’t marred, I would very much recommend. I am happy to retract this part of my review if Sonja can show me written evidence that she informed me of the numbers earlier. When the bride left her room, Sonja was screaming at both myself and the bride. Having heard Sonja previously yelling at me, the bride tried to ignore the situation and said loudly over the top of Sonja’s screaming “no I’m not discussing it, I’ve had a lovely day thankyou!” and tried to walk down the stairs. She was prevented from leaving by Sonja who barricaded the door with her body and refused to move until she’d said her piece, which the bride had already heard as she yelled it at me previously. She was screaming at both of us and I’m ashamed to admit we shouted back. Steve, Sonja’s husband repeatedly told her to calm down and the bride’s father came up to try and rectify the situation. The bride went back into her room to collect the rest of her stuff and Sonja left both Steve and the father of the bride and came storming down the corridor towards the room the bride was in who was in tears by this point. I shut the room door and refused to allow Sonja to get to the bride. I’ll admit I yelled and said you’re not shouting at her again. Sonja was screaming at me, screaming for her husband saying I wasn’t allowing her into her rooms in her castle and demanding we got out. Steve managed to calm her down and allowed us to pack up the rest of our belongings. I had no way of getting all my stuff down the stairs in one go so I took as much as I could carry, made it downstairs and absolutely broke. I was genuinely terrified of this woman to the extent I could not go back upstairs for the rest of my belongings. She had issues with us and a belief that the contract had been breached. I can 100% understand why she would be angry about this but her way of going about it was unacceptable. To say she was airing her grievances with me because she didn’t want to bother the bride with it the day after her wedding would be fair, but she they proceeded to also scream at the bride. I certainly don’t believe we de-escalated the situation but it became increasingly difficult to remain calm when someone is screaming in your face, and trapping you in a room whilst demanding you leave. In my opinion, she’s an awful human being and I will say I was very grateful her husband was there because I have no idea what she would have done otherwise. Plane castle is, I’m absolutely certain, a wonderful place if you don’t piss off the owner. If you don’t get a contract and are relying on verbal communication… well just don’t do it. It’ll end badly and you’ll be remembered as monster guests because you refuse to put up with someone expressing their anger by shouting in your face. The only physical thing I did was hold a door closed and bar entry to stop the bride having a full blown panic attack. No one deserved to be treated like that, especially a bride embarking on her first day of married life. Up until that morning, we were I hope, considerate guests. Had I not personally been making a conscious effort to ensure my room was clear and in pristine condition, including stripping the beds, I would have been out by 10:15 at the latest. I was indeed making every effort to pack up and go when informed I had the time wrong, rather difficult to do when you’re being screeched at and actually fear for yourself, your pet and your friend’s safety. However, I in no way assume us leaving on time would have appeased Sonja who came like a woman scorned, repeatedly called us liars and deceitful and ignored all pleas that it was simply a misunderstanding. Her way of handling her issues was deeply unprofessional and absolutely terrifying. In my opinion, this woman should absolutely not be running a business and I firmly believe all the good reviewers either didn’t interact with her or didn’t do anything to annoy her. God help you if you do.
Jacqueline King
Wedding: August 2021
August 2021
Fun castle, shame about the manager’s Mum
My daughter recently got married in the castle and we had a great time until the Sunday morning when we were getting ready to leave. There had been a few hiccups before the weekend, but in view of what has happened over the last year and a half we were happy to go with the flow. Then came “Macaronigate”. The problems all seem to boil down to the lack of a contract being provided. We had asked several times for one as I was uneasy about paying a large sum of money out with no proof of what it was to cover, but we never received one, with the final reason given that Sonja (the manager at the time, later superseded by her daughter Eliese) could not email the file. She did however list what the Castle would provide and attach a booking form so we decided to go ahead and booked the hog roast, with macaroni cheese in the evening. Due to moving the ceremony time back an hour we then decided that the macaroni would probably just go to waste, so cancelled well ahead of time. Jump forward to the groom sulking about the lack of pasta and an eventual compromise of ordering some portions to be delivered from a local takeaway for anyone needing late night sustenance. The day went well, albeit with a few little niggles. When the wedding night arrived, so did the pasta, and Eliese (now the manager) was not happy. She sent it away after giving the poor delivery driver a hard time, and then came to find me, telling me I was taking the p**s by ordering it from elsewhere as this was clearly not allowed in the contract (which, of course, we had never received). I was having a happy day, so just said that I was sorry but I didn’t realise it wasn’t allowed, but if that was the outcome then fair enough. As far as I am concerned that should have been the end of the matter, as there was no outside food brought in, but Eliese’s mother clearly felt differently. The following morning, having been told by Eliese we should vacate the bedrooms by 11 and the downstairs rooms by 12, I was surprised to go into my bedroom just after 10 to find Steve (Sonja’s husband, are you keeping up?) in there. As my jewellery and clothes were still on the bed, I was rather uneasy that strangers were just letting themselves into the rooms. Now, I say letting themselves in, but there was no lock on the door and it fell open every time someone went past, so there was no real effort involved in entering. Anyway, Steve said we should have been out of the bedrooms by 10, but was perfectly polite and we both carried on. I then went to make sure that everyone else was getting ready to leave. Enter Sonja. I didn’t witness the immediate events after that, but have had full feedback from the others present, and it wasn’t pretty. Let me just say that the bridesmaid had to jam the door shut to keep Sonja away from the bride, who as a mental health nurse is very used to dealing with out-of-control patients but was left shaken and in tears by Sonja. Her argument started out that she was cross because we were still in our rooms after 10 (again, we had been told by the manager we needed to be out by 11) and then it moved on that we were in breach of contract because of the food delivery (again, they had refused/failed to send us a copy of the contract so we didn’t know it wasn’t allowed, and the food never actually made it to the table). Covid distancing rules were non-existent with her shouting ”liar” inches from people’s faces and not a mask in sight. Incidentally, I have no idea why Sonja thought the bridesmaid would have anything to do with complying with the contract. Sonja was then discovered eavesdropping on the conversations going on in the courtyard below, and when questioned about this she said she had every right to listen to what other people were saying about her! After we had returned home and contacted the management team with our response to Sonja’s actions, we were finally sent a link to the Ts & Cs on the website. As we did not book through the site there had been no reason to visit, but had that link been sent on any of the occasions we asked for a contract then everyone would have known the rules. I don’t know why that was not done. The astonishing thing about this whole thing is that SONJA BELIEVES HER BEHAVIOUR WAS TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE, and although we have given ample chance, she has refused to apologise for her complete lack of professionalism. Think very carefully about that if you are considering booking a wedding here. Weddings are charged at more than double the normal Castle rental so some kind of basic standards should be met. I would have thought that the very first rule for a wedding venue is to keep the bride happy. Failure to do that is failure as a venue.
Karen and Jim
Married in January 2021
August 2021
Magical authentic cosy castle
Thank you so much Sonja and Eliese for our amazing elopement wedding to your castle in December 2020! From the first call and email to the warm welcome on our wedding day and excellent catering. Perfect service! The castle is over 500 years old so steeped in history. But they have made it so clean, cosy and comfortable. Lovely grounds for photos and the peacock came to see us for breakfast. Easy to find as between Falkirk and Stirling. But a very rural location with beautiful views of local snow capped Ochil hills in winter. Eliese kindly hoisted up the O’Hare flag at the top of the tower where we were staying. Beautiful medieval hall. Also panoramic views from 3rd floor lounge but still a good warm modern shower to use and warm bedroom. Can’t wait to go back.
Laura and Declan
Married in March 2020
May 2020
The Perfect Venue
We wanted our wedding to be fun, beautiful, relaxed, and as stress-free as possible and with this venue, that was exactly what we got! We stayed over at the castle the night before the wedding (the hire fee gives you access to the castle from Friday-Sunday!) so we had ample time to get settled in, to add our own decorations (although the venue is already stunning without any extras) and even to do a run through of walking down the aisle! On the morning of the wedding, Eliese and her team were there making sure everything ran smoothly and bringing us drinks from time to time as we were getting ready. All of the little details were taken care of and it was these that really made our day special. From the fire being lit during the ceremony, to the private snug for us to escape to just after we were married, everything was brilliant. The staff were attentive but unobtrusive and were flexible with timings - if we wanted to delay dessert or evening snacks, that was no issue. Our whole day was incredibly personal in a way that other venues simply don't offer. The menu was fabulous and we were allowed to offer our guests multiple meat and vegetarian options as long as they were ordered in advance. Complex dietary requirements (vegan, gf, low FODMAP) were catered for with ease and creativity - not a boring risotto or stuffed pepper in sight!! Also, the venue allowed BYOB with no corkage so we were able to bring whatever drinks we liked and in whatever quantity we liked which saved us and our guests an enormous amount of money! In addition, we were able to play our own music and bring board games and plastic 10-pin bowling (which was a hit with our niece). Eliese made sure that the main room was quickly rearranged into whatever setting we needed or desired - from ceremony layout to horseshoe dinner table to dance floor. The fact that we had a whole castle to ourselves was incredible and especially important as it rained on our wedding day, but the castle is so beautiful and interesting that we didn't miss going outside anyway, although the grounds are really lovely too! We would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for a beautiful, intimate setting for their wedding. At Plane Castle, your wedding can be as unconventional or traditional as you like - you're not forced to accept a particular set package or persuaded into buying services you don't need or want. We got ready together on our wedding morning, walked down the aisle together (piped down by the father of the bride), we danced to our own Spotify playlist, we bought daffodils from Sainsbury's and cut lavender from the garden instead of hiring a florist...you have the freedom to choose exactly how you want your wedding day to look and Eilese and her team are on hand to make it happen. We couldn't have wished for anything more.
Alan & Diane Chapman
Married in February 2020
May 2020
Everything we dreamed of in a wedding venue
Truly magical experience from start to finish. The team at Plane castle could not have been more accommodating in helping/guiding us from recommending a fantastic florist & the most wonderful Melanie our humanist. This quirky, magical castle just completely lends itself for an intimate wedding. Steeped in scottish history is sure to enchant your guests, along with you being able to add your own little touches. The food was excellent & absolutely no one would have been left hungry. The huge attraction of this venue is the fact you are made to feel it is home for the weekend. No corporate stance.......it is absolutely your day! With a fantastic team making sure everything goes to plan as you want it.......a stress free experience. Every brides dream & you truly can be a princess in the castle.
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Plane Castle, By Airth, Falkirk, FK2 8SF, Scotland

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Describe the best wedding that happened at your venue?

All of our weddings have been so unique and special to each couple, it would be impossible to choose a favourite!

What is your No. 1 wedding planning tip for couples?

It’s your wedding... please yourselves, not everyone else :-)

What’s your favourite personal touch you’ve seen at a wedding?

All of our weddings have been so personal and unique to those involved, it would be hard to choose my favourite.

Describe your venue in 5 adjectives.

Relaxed, unique , charming, warm, quirky

Where’s the best photo spot at your venue?

The courtyard, the grand hall, by the original 15th century fireplace, the battlements at the top of the tower, the gardens and the beautiful archways within, the quirky window seats and.... well, all of it really!

Have you had any celebrity guest or wedding at your venue?

We did have Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers once... I'm sure they were the real deal!

What’s your favourite canapé?

Ooooh, haggis bon bons with whisky cream sauce, or scottish smoke salmon blinis, or black pudding and caramelised apple blinis. It's a hard choice!!

What’s your favourite midnight treat?

Pimp my mac - which is a deliciously cheesy homemade mac n cheese buffet with lots of different toppings available so you can quite literally pimp your mac!

What is your venue's most unique feature?

The entire thing and the history surrounding it.

What part of your business are you most proud of?

Our flexibility - we don't have a set way of doing things. Every wedding is tailored to yourselves and we believe this is the way it should be!