Wedding Videographers in Birmingham

Cherish Wedding Stories
Birmingham, West Midlands
Bridebook Deal Available50+ Weddings Shot21 Sample Videos
£850 Full Day Wedding Videography - arrivals to First Dance, full length Ceremony & Speeches, complimentary HD Download.
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  • £850 - £850
Phills Photography and Film
Birmingham, West Midlands
Bridebook Deal Available50+ Weddings Shot
Professional Birmingham Wedding Photographer and Film maker also covering West Midlands and surrounding areas.
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  • From £500
Scott Shellis Films
Birmingham, West Midlands
Bridebook Deal Available50+ Weddings Shot5 Sample Videos
Scott Shellis Films are passionate about encapsulating unforgettable moments perfectly for you to treasure and enjoy for a lifetime.
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  • £1,250 - £2,500
Relive It Productions
Birmingham, West Midlands
30-50 Weddings Shot11 Sample Videos
A friendly independent duo specialising in Wedding Videography. We pride ourselves in high class cinematic wedding videography so you can share your memories and relive them for generations to come.
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  • From £900
Bridger Film & Photography
Birmingham, West Midlands
10-30 Weddings Shot6 Sample Videos
Bridger Film and Photography is owned and ran by husband and wife team Carly & Dan Bridger. We provide natural and relaxed wedding photography & film for couples in love.
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  • From £1,250
Lightyear Productions
Birmingham, West Midlands
New Supplier!
Here at Lightyear Productions we pride ourselves on offering affordable yet quality Cinematic Wedding Films
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  • £1,500 - £3,800
The Video Hub
Birmingham, West Midlands
50+ Weddings Shot20 Sample Videos
Luxury Asian, English Wedding Cinematography & Videography | London & Birmingham - Destination & UK Wedding Films.
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  • Luxury (£££)
Jalf Video Productions
Birmingham, West Midlands
50+ Weddings Shot
Asian wedding photography and videography specialists. Jalf Video Production aim’s to provide a professional video and still photography service to all our customers.
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  • From £1,500
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Do wedding videographers in Birmingham offer any additional services, such as same-day edits, highlight reels, or aerial/drone footage?

Wedding videographers in Birmingham often provide additional services to enhance the overall wedding film experience. These can include same-day edits, where a condensed version of the wedding highlights is created and showcased on the same day as the wedding. Highlight reels, showcasing the best moments of the day in a shorter format, are also commonly offered. Aerial or drone footage is another popular service that videographers may provide, capturing stunning aerial views of the wedding venue and its surroundings, adding a unique perspective to the film. These additional services can elevate the storytelling and visual appeal of your wedding film, creating a memorable keepsake.

Do wedding videographers in Birmingham add extra features, such as special effects, music overlays, or voiceovers, to the video?

Wedding videographers in Birmingham have the expertise to incorporate extra features and elements into the video to make it even more captivating. Special effects, such as slow motion, time-lapse, or creative transitions, can add a touch of cinematic flair to the footage. Music overlays are commonly used to enhance the emotional impact and set the mood, while voiceovers can be included to narrate or provide context to specific moments. These additional features are skillfully integrated during the editing process, transforming the raw footage into a professionally crafted and visually compelling wedding film that truly reflects the couple's style and vision.

How far in advance should I get in contact with a wedding videographer in Birmingham?

It is advisable to get in touch with a wedding videographer in Birmingham as early as possible to secure their services for your desired wedding date. Wedding videographers often have limited availability, especially during peak wedding seasons, so reaching out well in advance is recommended. Many couples start their search and contact videographers approximately 9 to 12 months before their wedding date. This allows for ample time to discuss packages, availability, and specific requirements. However, even if your wedding is closer in time, it is still worth contacting videographers to check their availability, as there may be last-minute openings or flexible options to accommodate your needs.

How long does it typically take for a wedding videographer in Birmingham to deliver the final edited video after the wedding?

The delivery time for the final edited wedding video can vary depending on the workload and editing process of the videographer in Birmingham. Typically, it can take between 4 to 12 weeks for videographers to complete the editing and post-production work. This timeframe allows them to carefully curate the footage, select the best moments, synchronize audio, apply necessary color grading, and create a cohesive and polished wedding film. The exact delivery time will be communicated by the videographer, and it's always a good idea to discuss this during your initial consultation to manage your expectations and plan accordingly.

Do wedding videographers in Birmingham offer refunds in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies?

The refund policies of wedding videographers in Birmingham may vary depending on individual terms and circumstances. It's important to carefully review the contract and discuss the refund policy with the videographer before finalizing the booking. Unforeseen circumstances or emergencies can disrupt wedding plans, and some videographers may offer partial refunds or alternative solutions in such cases. However, it's essential to note that certain non-refundable deposits or retainers may apply to secure the videographer's services. Open and transparent communication with the videographer is crucial to understand their refund policies and any potential exceptions or alternatives they may offer.

Do wedding videographers in Birmingham offer changes after receiving the initial edited video?

After receiving the initial edited video, wedding videographers in Birmingham may offer options for changes or revisions, depending on the agreed-upon terms. It's important to discuss this aspect with the videographer before finalizing the contract. While most videographers strive to deliver a final product that meets the couple's expectations, some may have limitations on the number of revisions or specific aspects that can be changed. It's advisable to provide clear feedback and communicate your preferences for any desired modifications. Having open and constructive dialogue with the videographer will ensure that the final wedding film aligns with your vision and captures the essence of your special day.