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Lincolnshire is renowned for its rural beauty and welcoming communities, making it an excellent choice for couples seeking a romantic and natural wedding setting, with options including countryside barns and scenic outdoor spaces. Read moreWhen it comes to finding and hiring a wedding venue in Lincolnshire, you'll discover a range of options ensuring your wedding is surrounded by the county's natural charm.
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Can I have a hotel wedding reception in Lincolnshire?

Holding your wedding at a hotel venue is a popular choice for weddings. There are so many stunning hotels that hold space for a range of functions including those dotted throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. Try looking at hotels situated in the city centre for a party atmosphere or take your guests away from t all by heading out into the countryside for a day not to forget.

There are some massive positives when it comes to holding your reception at a hotel including great surroundings and the fact that the venue will be used to catering for a large number of guests, as well as all those invited being able to stay at the hotel and avoid costly transport costs on the day. Holding your wedding at a hotel also means you are able to take advantage of an onsite wedding co ordinator who is able to point you in the right direction for trusted suppliers and entertainment on the day.

Can I have fireworks at a wedding in Lincolnshire?

You will need to gain permission from your local authority if you are planning to have a fireworks display at your wedding in Lincolnshire. Make sure you check with the venue that this is something they allow. It's also worth noting that for the most part, It will be illegal to set off fireworks between the hours of 11pm and 7am. There are many reputable firework companies in Lincolnshire that will be able to advise you on the best way to go about planning and ensuring a safe event as well as helping you to create a dazzling display on the day.

How do I book a civil ceremony in Lincolnshire?

You might not know where to start when it comes to booking your wedding ceremony but it might not be as difficult as you think.There are over 100 places in Lincolnshire registered to hold civil ceremonies. The first thing you need to bear in mind is that you will legally need to give at least 29 days notice to marry.

  • Begin by choosing your Ceremony Venue
  • Book Ceremony/Registrars
  • You will need to attend the Legal Notice Appointment
  • There is then an appointment to Finalise Your Ceremony.
  • Then comes the ceremony day and signing the register.

You will also need to ensure you are up to date with the fees payable.You can find out about this by checking online or at your first appointment.

If you are planning to have a religious ceremony the process will differ and it's best to speak to your local Vicar or head of your religious denomination.

What are the most popular wedding venues in Lincolnshire?

Bardney Hall and Walcot Hall and two popular venues that couples flock to get married in each year in Lincolnshire. Although you will be pleasantly surprised to realise that this treasured county is awash with beautiful venues to get married in.

If you are looking for something a little more chic and intimate that perhaps look at some of the restaurants located in the city centres of Louth and Grantham which are sure to be able to provide you with excellent service as you celebrate your wedding day. Another idea is to head out into the countryside and take a look at some of the county's secluded converted barn venues that look out onto the picturesque countryside.

What Unique ideas are there for my Lincolnshire wedding?

If you are looking for something a little different when it comes to your Lincolnshire wedding you won't be disappointed when it comes to finding a whole heap of suppliers ready to help with your wedding plans! You could start your venue search by looking at some of the hidden gems that set the scene for a wedding that's a little different to the norm, or think outside the box even further and get your wedding photos in an off-the-wall location.

To keep guests entertained there are some great unusual wedding ideas including serving candy floss to guests, hiring stilt walkers and even commissioning an ice sculpture to wow your guests on the big day! Make sure you speak with your venue and see what ideas they have catered for in the past to ensure that you are able to create a truly spectacular and memorable day for you and your guests.

Where can I have a civil ceremony in Lincolnshire?

You will be able to find many great locations for your wedding ceremony should you choose to not get married in a church or other religious place of worship. Top spots for civil ceremonies in Lincolnshire are Dower House Hotel and Doddington Hall. You could check out these venues or venture further afield to the likes of Allington Manor and Bardney Hall where you will be able to move on to a dazzling reception with a great party atmosphere. Whether you decide to hold you civil ceremony be sure to visit the location first to get a feel for where you will be tying the know and be sure to listen to the information that is given to you in terms of the legalities to avoid any last-minute slip ups before the big.