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Whether you're dreaming of a beach wedding or a cozy ceremony in the countryside, Cornwall offers stunning landscapes, delicious food, and plenty of fun activities for you and your guests to enjoy. Read moreThe wedding decoration-hire in Cornwall have a magical way of capturing the romance and natural beauty of the county in their videos.
Out of the Ordinary Event Hire
New Portreath Road, Cornwall
50+ Weddings Decorated
Out of the Ordinary Event Hire, previously known as Keeping It Vintage! Is a wedding and event design, styling, and premium hire company based in Cornwall and Devon.
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  • From £1
The Youngest Child
Truro, Cornwall
New Supplier!
Our passion is to create beautiful & totally unique weddings through personalised event styling & prop hire. Discover our ‘Instagrammable’ balloon installations, boho arches & show stopping backdrops
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  • From £40
Truro, Cornwall
Balloons for venue decoration, eg weddings/christenings/birhtdays. Gifts in a balloon. Wishing well postbox hire. Balloon bouquets, arches, exploding balloons, personalised balloons, bespoke.
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  • From £7
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Are there any additional fees for late returns or damages for wedding decoration hire businesses in Cornwall?

Additional fees associated with late returns or damages are common within the wedding decoration hire industry in Cornwall. Most businesses include clauses in their rental agreements that outline potential charges for late returns or any damages incurred during the rental period. These fees can vary depending on the extent of the delay or the nature of the damage. It's important to carefully read and understand the terms of the rental agreement before finalising your booking. Being mindful of the return timeline and taking good care of the decorations will help you avoid any unexpected fees and ensure a smooth rental experience.

Can I hire a professional decorator along with the decorations for weddings in Cornwall?

Yes, many wedding decoration hire businesses in Cornwall offer the option to hire a professional decorator alongside the decorations. This can be an excellent choice for those seeking a stress-free and cohesive wedding setup. Professional decorators are experienced in transforming venues according to your vision and can ensure that the decorations are set up beautifully and efficiently. When hiring both decorations and a decorator, it's advisable to discuss your ideas, preferences, and any specific requirements with the decorator beforehand. This collaboration can lead to a seamless wedding decor arrangement that aligns perfectly with your theme and style.

Do I need to provide a security deposit when hiring wedding decorations in Cornwall?

It's customary for wedding decoration hire businesses in Cornwall to request a security deposit when you hire their decorations. This deposit serves as a form of insurance against potential damages, loss, or late returns. The amount of the deposit can vary between businesses and is often returned to you once the hired items are returned in their original condition and within the agreed-upon timeframe. Before placing your order, ensure you are aware of the deposit amount, the conditions for its refund, and any deductions that might be made in case of damages. This practice safeguards both parties' interests during the rental period.

Are there any restrictions on where the decorations can be used or set up at wedding venues in Cornwall?

While most wedding venues in Cornwall are accommodating of decorations, there may be some restrictions in place to preserve the integrity of the space and ensure the safety of guests. Before finalising your decoration plans, it's recommended to communicate directly with your chosen venue regarding any guidelines or limitations on where and how decorations can be used or set up. Some venues might have restrictions on using adhesives, hanging decorations on certain surfaces, or using open flames. Collaborating with both the decoration hire business and the venue staff will help you create a decor scheme that complements the venue while adhering to any regulations.

Can I make changes to my wedding decoration hire in Cornwall after it's been placed?

Making changes to your wedding decoration hire in Cornwall after placing the order may be possible, but it's important to note that this is subject to the policies of the specific business you're working with. Most businesses will have guidelines outlining their amendment and cancellation procedures. If you wish to make changes to your hire order, such as adjusting the quantity or type of decorations, it's advisable to contact the decoration hire business as soon as possible. Keep in mind that last-minute changes might be more challenging to accommodate, so timely communication is key to ensuring that your desired modifications can be made.

How long can I keep the hired wedding decorations in Cornwall?

The duration for which you can keep the hired wedding decorations in Cornwall typically depends on the terms outlined in your rental agreement. Most decoration hire businesses offer various rental periods, ranging from a single day to several days or even weeks. It's important to discuss your specific rental period requirements with the decoration hire business before finalising your order. Be clear about the start and end dates of your rental period to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. Extending the rental period beyond the agreed-upon timeframe may be possible but is subject to availability and additional charges, so it's advisable to plan ahead accordingly.