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Are you searching for the perfect wedding venue in Wicklow? Look no further! Wicklow offers a variety of enchanting venues that will make your dream wedding a reality. From elegant manor houses and country estates to intimate gardens and picturesque lakeside settings, you'll find the ideal backdrop for your special day. Read moreLet the breathtaking beauty of Wicklow set the stage for your celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Discover the perfect wedding venue in Wicklow and start planning your unforgettable wedding experience today.
Arklow, Co. Wicklow
At BrookLodge & Macreddin Village, it will be. Set against the gentle background of Wicklow’s rolling hills, this picture-perfect location blends fairytale romance with the promise that every detail will be managed with absolute care.
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  • 200
  • Luxury (€€€)
Glenview Hotel & Leisure Club
Delgany, Co. Wicklow
Few settings for weddings in Co. Wicklow are as breathtaking as the Glenview Hotel. Nestled at the foot of The Great Sugarloaf with unrivalled views across the mighty oak trees of Glen of The Downs.
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  • 135
  • 15 Bedroom
  • Luxury (€€€)
Powerscourt Hotel
Powerscourt Estate, Co. Wicklow
A wedding at Powerscourt Hotel remains the epitome of romantic elegance. With the curved Palladian grandeur embracing the magnificence of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the rolling Wicklow landscape behind, this is a backdrop to start hearts racing.
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  • 400
  • Affordable (€)
Killruddery House and Gardens
Bray, Co. Wicklow
Bridebook Deal AvailableMore pricing inside
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  • 180
  • From €9,000
Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort
Blessington, Co. Wicklow
  • 250
  • 89 Bedroom
  • From €90 pp
Tinakilly Country House Hotel
Rathnew, Co. Wicklow
With breathtaking formal victorian gardens and expansive indoor spaces, both traditional and modern, Tinakilly is ideal for any celebration, at any time of year.
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  • 250
  • 48 Bedroom
  • Luxury (€€€)
Wicklow Heather
Glendalough, Co. Wicklow
For years, we have been helping our guests celebrate their special today
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  • 90
  • Moderate (€€)
Blessington, Co. Wicklow
  • P.O.A
Cooke's of Caragh
Gingerstown, Co. Wicklow
  • P.O.A
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What is the likely cost per head for a wedding venue in Wicklow?

The likely cost per head for a wedding venue in Wicklow can vary significantly based on factors such as the venue's location, facilities, amenities, and the level of service provided. On average, you might expect to pay anywhere from £50 to £150 or more per guest, depending on your chosen venue and the package you select. It's important to request detailed pricing information from potential venues to get an accurate estimate tailored to your guest count and preferences.

What type of food do wedding venues in Wicklow serve?

Wedding venues in Wicklow typically offer a diverse range of food options to cater to various tastes and dietary requirements. Irish cuisine remains a popular choice, featuring locally sourced ingredients and traditional dishes. Many venues offer customisable menus, allowing you to create a dining experience that aligns with your preferences, whether it's a formal sit-down dinner or a more relaxed buffet-style meal. International cuisines are also available, giving you the flexibility to choose a menu that suits your wedding theme and guest preferences.

Can I hire performers that use live music at my wedding reception in Wicklow?

Yes, you can hire performers that use live music at your wedding reception in Wicklow. Live music can add a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere to your celebration, creating memorable moments for you and your guests. Wicklow's picturesque landscapes and charming venues provide an ideal backdrop for live musical performances. Whether you're interested in a live band, acoustic soloist, or traditional Irish musicians, many venues are equipped to accommodate live performances. Be sure to discuss your musical preferences and plans with the venue to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Are there any additional costs for having live music at wedding venues in Wicklow?

There may be additional costs associated with having live music at wedding venues in Wicklow. These costs can vary based on factors such as the type of music, the duration of the performance, and any technical requirements. Some venues might have in-house sound equipment available for use, while others may require you to bring in professional audio equipment. When discussing your plans with potential venues, inquire about any associated fees for hosting live music to ensure that your budget considerations are accurate.

What are popular types of reception decor for wedding in Wicklow?

Popular types of reception decor for weddings in Wicklow often reflect the region's natural beauty and charm. Decor inspired by nature, including floral arrangements, greenery, and rustic elements, is a common choice. Wicklow's scenic landscapes can influence decor themes, with outdoor-inspired touches like fairy lights, lanterns, and wooden accents. Classic elegance is also popular, featuring timeless decor elements such as crystal chandeliers, candles, and elegant table settings. Discuss your decor preferences with the venue's event coordinator to explore available options and bring your vision to life.

What is the average cost for having a firework display at a wedding reception in Wicklow?

The average cost for having a firework display at a wedding reception in Wicklow can vary based on the duration, complexity, and type of fireworks used. Fireworks can add a magical and memorable touch to your celebration, but their cost can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds. It's recommended to reach out to local fireworks providers and discuss your vision to obtain accurate cost estimates for your desired display. Additionally, inquire with your chosen venue about any regulations or restrictions related to hosting firework displays on their premises.