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If you are looking for wedding venues near London, you can be sure to find the most beautiful wedding venues in Hertfordshire, just a stone's throw from the big city! Read moreSharing its southern border with Greater London, Hertfordshire is the perfect location for couples looking to get married near London! With the majority of its undeveloped land protected as the Metropolitan Green Belt, Hertfordshire offers gorgeous wedding venues. From luxurious Hatfield manor houses to quaint Buntingford barn weddings, find your Hertfordshire wedding venue on Bridebook today!
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Can I stay over at my wedding venue in Hertfordshire?

The wedding day has been a complete success, from the preparations, to exchanging vows, to capturing the moment and coming together to dance the night away. The last thing you want to be thinking about at the end of the evening, is where the Bride and Groom are going to be staying for the night. So, accommodation for your Hertfordshire Wedding Day is definitely something to be planned once the venue has been chosen. Some venues have the ability to accommodate guests, but if the venue doesn’t, be sure to find out the closest options nearby.

Do I need a budget to plan my Hertfordshire Wedding?

Weddings can feel expensive, however having a comfortable budget that is agreed before any planning is made, will help keep costs down and give you the best possible day without feeling overwhelmed or that you’re missing out. Planning your Hertfordshire Wedding day alongside a budget will bring all your wedding visions to life, saving time, tears, and tantrums because you will know what your minimum and maximums are to work with.

Do I need to hire a Wedding photographer for my Hertfordshire wedding?

Hiring a wedding photographer for your Hertfordshire wedding will allow you to enjoy your big day without having to worry about capturing any special moment so you can look back and remember it, like it was yesterday. Your wedding photographer will snap those key moments, from getting ready, to arriving at the service, the arrival of your guests, exchanging the vows, wedding breakfast, speeches, cutting of the cake to the first dance. Capturing every emotion, every heartfelt glance, and the love and community of everyone coming together to share a moment in time.

How many times can I visit my wedding venue before my wedding day in Hertfordshire?

Once your wedding venue has been chosen for your Hertfordshire wedding day, you will be able to begin planning your wedding preparations, ready for the day of celebrations. By building up a relationship with the venue owners or co-ordinator, you will be able to arrange planned visits to the venue as many times as are needed to ensure you have thought of every detail. From where and how you will make your grand entrance, the placement of the marital service, table settings and so much more.

Where is the best place to have my wedding photos, for my Hertfordshire wedding?

Wedding photography is key to capturing the day and those treasured memories. Your wedding photographer will have planned out key locations at your venue prior to your big day, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Which is why having a pre meeting or call before your Hertfordshire wedding day, is important. Your wedding photographer will have previous experience of picking out backdrops and settings to bring out the beauty of the day.

Will I have a choice of rooms to get married in, If I choose to have a wedding venue in Hertfordshire?

Depending on your Wedding Venue in Hertfordshire, will depend on whether you will have a choice of rooms to choose which will be your magical wedding setting to exchange your vows in. Some venues of a grander style suited for larger weddings may have a selection of rooms that are more suitable for your theme. Whereas if you are looking for a more intimate setting, or for a smaller wedding venue you may find that there is only one room suitable to have all your guests in.