Wedding Videographer Checklist

Are you looking for a wedding videographer? Follow these 3 simple steps in our wedding videographer checklist to follow to ensure you make the right choice.

Wedding Videographer Checklist

Booking a wedding videographer is in many ways similar to the process of booking a photographer. In other ways however, it is very different. You may have not decided yet whether you need(or want) a videographer, but if you do, follow these 3 simple steps in our wedding videographer checklist to follow to ensure you make the right choice.

The first thing to note is that there are far fewer wedding videographers than photographers. So the choice is slimmer.

There are many styles of wedding film going around nowadays. This has shifted in recent years from the more traditional reportage style to short stylish videos built for the Youtube generation. Instagram-like filters, quirky backing music and fast-cuts are all the rage at the moment, spawning a new generation of wedding video. A far-cry from the hour long, ultra-boring wedding videos from back in the day, that hollywood so often jokes about.

1. What style do you want?

As with any vendor booking, choosing your style is a great place to start. This helps you refine your search which saves a lot of time in the long run. If you are set on a particular style, you may not be guaranteed to find a videographer within your local area who meets this style. In general, a videographer will have their own unique style, they wouldn’t offer a range of styles. Many top wedding videographers are often willing to travel a long distance(possibly even worldwide) to work with you if you are looking for their particular style of work, but this doesn’t come cheap. If you hire a videographer from another city, state or country, they will probably ask you to arrange accommodation(or at least pay for it) and you may be eligible to pay the travel costs to. If you love their work however, it may be worth the price.

2. Book the date ASAP!

Top wedding videographers are in high demand. Book them as early as you can! Seriously! I would suggest making them one of your very first bookings as they can easily be booked a year in advance and you can end up going through several videographers until you settle on somebody who wasn’t your first choice. Once you have your list of potential videographers, email them straight away!

3. Speak on the phone

Once you have found somebody you are happy with and they have confirmed they are available(make sure you pay a small deposit to secure the booking), it is a good idea to contact the videographer over the phone for a brief chat. This helps you both establish what you are looking for on the day. Send them links to their other videos that you enjoyed and describe which parts inparticular you liked. If there are any specific moments you want to make sure they capture on the day, this is a good time to let them know, although you will probably have an opportunity to talk this through with them on the day of the wedding too.

Follow these 3 simple steps to help book your wedding videographer in the most efficient way possible. Ok, I admit, wedding planning is not all about efficiency, you wan’t to enjoy it as much as possible, but with the number of vendors that you are probably looking at booking at the current time, I imagine efficiency is a welcome friend.