Wedding Venues : 4 tips for choosing the perfect venue

Arguably the most important part of your entire wedding is choosing the perfect venue. This one decision affects every other decision you will make. But where do you start?

The Hunt for Wedding Venues

Arguably the most important part of your entire wedding is choosing the perfect venue. This single decision affects every other decision that you will make. But where do you start? How do you know choose from the vast array of wedding venues? Here are our quick tips to help you choose the ideal location.

1. Think about location

Sounds obvious, but if you have your heart set on a rustic barn wedding in the middle of nowhere, it might be difficult for some of your guests to get there. Think about transport solutions for your guests. Can large coaches get there with ease(i.e. are the roads too narrow? Is the driveway wide enough?). The best place to start is asking the venue what previous couples have done. As long as it’s not a brand new venue, they will have some good ideas on the practical aspects of getting people to and from the venue.

2. What’s included in the price

Do they include catering or is this an additional add-on? Are drinks included? Canapés? Evening snack? Many wedding venues supply you with a package that includes all of these things as standard but it’s worth checking as the costs can rack up quickly if they aren’t included. Think about the cost of the meal per person. It’s a good idea to get your guest list done before choosing your venue as it will make estimating your costs a lot easier.

3. Visualise your Wedding Day

When you visit a venue, think about how the venue can be used to make your day more enjoyable for yourself and the guests. For example, the venue may have a room that can be used for a drinks reception before you move to the main area for your meal. Small things like this can make the flow of your day more natural and interesting. Also think about photo opportunities. Do they have pleasant grounds? If it’s raining on your wedding day, what areas do they suggest you can use for photos inside?

4. Does it feel right?

You may visit a few venues. Hopefully, you will visit one and just know that it’s the right one. There are many guides you can read(like this one) which give you step-by-step instructions on how to choose the perfect wedding venues but in the end, you need to go with the one you love. Even if it’s the most impractical. It may be in the middle of nowhere. It may be a dung-filled cow shed. It may have no heating and only available on Christmas Eve, but if that’s the one you love, your guests will just have to put up with it. It’s your wedding, so do it the way you want.

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