Choosing Your Wedding Readers - The Guide

During your ceremony, it is probable that you are having some form of reading from friends and family. Here is our guide to choose your wedding readers.

Choosing Your Wedding Readers

During your ceremony, it is quite probable that you are having some form of reading(s) from friends and family. This can be a bible reading, a poem, an excerpt from a book…..the list goes on. This would normally be read by a member of your family or one of your friends. But who do you choose as your wedding readers? Here are some top tips:

Wedding party or somebody else?

You may want to choose members of your wedding party e.g. best man and bridesmaid as they are probably the people who are most important to you. On the other hand, you can use this opportunity to include other people in the wedding who may have just missed out on being included in the wedding party. A close family member(such as an uncle) would also be a good choice if you want to involve more people in the wedding without dipping into the top table.

Choose a good speaker

This may be obvious, but are they a good speaker? Do they have a clear(loud) voice? If there are no microphones at the ceremony venue, they may need to project.

Choose somebody with Confidence

Don’t choose somebody who is going to find it very nerve-racking. You don’t want a shakey-voiced reading during your ceremony. Plus, you don’t want the reader to be stressed. Choose somebody who considers it a great privilege to do the reading and will feel comfortable in front of all your guests.

Readings can be emotional

Depending on the emotional depth of your reading choices, it can be a very special part of your ceremony. Make sure you choose the person who you want. If you have a videographer, you will have this record forever, so make sure you are happy with the choice. Also, consider if they are the correct person to present the depth of the words. Will they just read it off the page or will they speak the words with the emotion they carry?