For People on the Verge of "Wedding Planning Meltdown"

I get it. Some people love every part of planning their wedding. But for others, it can be extremely stressful. Time to stop the wedding planning meltdown.

Wedding Planning Meltdown

I get it. Some people love every part of planning their wedding. But for others, it can be extremely stressful. The pressures of liaising with suppliers, co-ordinating guest accommodation and keeping everybody happy (not mentioning the looming task of paying for everything) can quickly become an overwhelming burden. So what can be done to combat pre-wedding meltdown? Here are our best tips:

1. Start planning early

Ideally, start planning as early as you can to reduce the risk of running out of time and having a mountain of tasks to complete in the last week before the wedding. If you are reading this however, there is a good chance that you have already left your planning to the last minute and you’re now thinking that you may not get everything done in time. If that is you, read on.

2. Stay calm

Ok, it’s easier said than done, I know. But try your best to keep your focus on the importance of the upcoming event(your wedding). Not the importance for your guests, but for you! This is one of the most special days of your life. Treat the planning in the same way. It’s very easy to start thinking of it like any other event planning, but it’s not. Even if everything doesn’t go “exactly” as you planned, it will still be one of the best days of your life. Don’t worry too much about the details if it’s stressing you out.

3. Write a to-do list

Often overlooked, the humble to-do list is a powerhouse stress-buster. Why? Because it gets all that “stuff” out of your head and onto paper. Once you write out your to-do list, you will see 2 immediate benefits. The first is that you can actually see what still needs to be done(rather than trying to mentally visualise it). The second benefit is that now that it’s down on paper, your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to keep it in your mind. There is some sort of mental release(genuinely) which makes you feel more relaxed. You can use that extra brain power to do something else(or just relax). Oh and now that you’ve written it down, there is less chance of forgetting anything(just don’t lose that paper!)

4. Get excited

This is similar to my second point. Try your best to get excited about your wedding day(if you’re not already). It’s easy to become so stressed that all your wedding excitement disappears. Your wedding day is an amazing day. Even if you’re not a “weddingy” person, you will love your wedding day. Too many people regret not having enjoyed the wedding planning period(even if they hated it at the time) because once it’s done….it’s done. There is no more wedding planning, no more late nights and no more countless emails. It sounds strange but you may just find that you actually miss it!